4 Reasons to Custom Build Your Future Condo

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Owning a home is an exciting time for anyone. Deciding whether to compromise on what’s available and within budget or go the custom direction is another story. A recent study shows that 75% of first-time buyers admitted to compromising on the purchase of their home. Size and price being the most common compromises. If your budget allows it, why not skip compromising altogether and search custom townhomes for sale?

Condominiums or townhomes have increasingly become more popular in recent years among home buyers in the United States. They are desired by first time buyers in their late 20’s and retirees. Custom townhomes for sale are often times the goal.

1. Low Maintenance
Twenty somethings and retirees tend to steer away from homes that require lots routine maintenance. They often times do not have the time or strength required perform such tasks. Frequent travelers also find townhomes for sale more appealing than houses. For one, with a house, keeping up with routine maintenance would provide quite the challenge. A general rule of thumb is that one percent of the cost to purchase your home should be set aside each year simply for maintenance. For examples, a home costing $300,000 should have a budget of $3,000 per year set aside for maintenance. With townhomes and condominiums, maintenance is usually supported for a fee by a housing association of some sort. This includes lawn care and any other maintenance to the grounds.

2. Price
On average, condos are typically more affordable than houses. This depends on the size of the home as well. For example, a 2,400-square-foot condo in a Boston suburb may be listed around $725,000. Contrary to that, a single family house in the same neighborhood similar in size could be listed at $1 million or more. In this case, the logic for many people is to choose a condo and consult custom home builders. Although still pricey, having a home custom designed guarantees everything will be as you like and there is little to no need for compromise.

3. Social Opportunities
Because condos and townhomes are so close in proximity to other units, it is easier to get to know the people around you. There are often events setup by housing associations to promote just that. These events promote a sense of community among condo owners and, in many cases, make residents feel safer because faces become familiar and suspicious activity can be addressed easier.

4. Convenience
Most condominiums are located in urban areas and are usually within walking distance or a short drive from a vibrant downtown scene. These locations commonly include trendy restaurants, shops and other things of interest. Some even offer amenities similar to that of a resort or hotel like pools and fitness centers. Features like this are usually covered in housing association costs.

All in all, when faced with the decision to purchase a home, don’t just consider townhomes in general, look at custom townhomes for sale. It’s your home, the way you want it to be.

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