Clogged Gutters Can Lead to Basement Leaks and Mold!

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Warm weather is right around the corner, meaning that it’s just about time to begin outdoor maintenance around your home. For many, this may include addressing the issue of clogged gutters or power washing the siding of your house, or calling a gutter cleaning service. Tasks like these are super important for the health of a home because they help prevent costly damages and needed repairs later down the road if not maintained on a regular basis.

Clearing clogged gutters should be at the top of everyone’s to do list as soon as the weather begins to warm up and the snow melts. If they’re ignored, they can lead to a slew of problems, like basement water problems and even mold. How? Because when gutters are too clogged, runoff water from the roof overflows and can settle in around the foundation, leading to leaks in the basement and even mold problems. Siding can also be damaged, and is the perfect place for mold and mildew to form due. So theoretically, clogged gutters can make a house unsafe to live in which is why it’s important to address the problem before it gets too out of hand, or call a gutter cleaning service.

Mold problems are nothing to scoff at, either. They can cause a number of health problems, and children and the elderly are especially warned against being around it. Because clogged gutters are so common, so too are mold issues, which is why there are so many mold related insurance claims made each year to companies like Farmers Insurance. In fact, in the last decade alone Farmers Insurance saw a 1,100 increase in claims related to mold. This is a serious cause for concern, especially when you consider that Mayo Clinic has concluded that about 93% of chronic sinus infections can be traced back to mold exposure. Cases of asthma have also soared over the years by 300%! Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency claims that every type of mold can contribute to some sort of health problems, ranging from mild to severe, or even death!
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So what can homeowners do to prevent problems that might arise from clogged gutters, like mold? It’s as simple as making sure downspout extensions are directed away from a the walls of a home’s foundation. They should be directed towards the road or backyard instead. This will help keep a home safe from mold and other problems, like leaks in the basement or cracks in a foundation. If the siding of a home looks like there’s already mildew or mold building up, a simple power washing should do the trick. Or, if you’d prefer to leave the safety of your home in the hands of professionals, it may be time to call a gutter cleaning service or exterior house washing service!

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