3 Reasons to Start Using an Outdoor Furnace

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For anyone that happens to own a gas or hot-water furnace, it is well known just how expensive the monthly bills can add up to, especially for eastern-most U.S. states during the winter months. Furnace problems lead to maintenance that can be burdensome, fuel prices seem to be uncomfortably increasing, and they can take up a large portion of the basement. However, there is a more environmental, inexpensiveness option: an outdoor furnace.

An outdoor wood furnace, one that can be loaded with chopped wood and wood pellets, is a fantastic option when compared to the traditional methods of heating a home. Where a traditional furnace relies of fuel or spinning, boiling water to heat a home, an outdoor wood burning furnace is a simple way to curb fuel costs and utilize less fuel than normal. More importantly, when investing in an outdoor furnace, you’re investing in a long-term, efficient furnace whose fuel you can easily secure with little time and for low cost.

An outdoor furnace is an economical option to provide heat to your home. Whether you cut your own wood or can obtain free wood from friends or businesses, you can easily provide enough fuel for your outdoor furnace, heating your home and eliminating your heating bill entirely. By using a Heatmor commercial furnace, you can save anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 by doing away with all of your fuel costs.

Compared to traditional wood furnaces, residential furnaces, and coal stoves, outdoor wood boilers are far more efficient as a heating source. There are currently about 200,000 outdoor furnaces installed and in use today. Of those who currently own an outdoor furnace, they have reported that they use up to 70% less wood compared to a traditional wood furnace. With one of the many large, steel-lined Heatmor furnaces, you can begin using less fuel by volume, leaving you with less work in terms of chopping wood, as well as helping to better preserve the environment.

If you’ve recently felt belabored by the fuel and maintenance costs that are bound with traditional, residential boiler furnaces, it might be time to inquire into purchasing and installing an outdoor furnace. With a sound investment, you’ll begin saving money on fuel costs and heating efficiency in no time.

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