Why You Should Put Accent Wood Walls in Your Home

Wood accent wall living room

Think about a home made of wooden floors, walls, banisters, and more. You’ll think of comfort and warmth; you’ll think of a rustic cabin; you’ll think of adventure and the outdoors. There are benefits to adding some wood design to your home, not only for the visual look of it, but for the outward perspective from others. A touch of wood wall covering or wood flooring in the kitchen can make all the difference

Increasing the Value of Your Home:

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market for sale, you should certainly consider adding some accents in the bedroom and kitchen. The National Wood Flooring Association reported that 99% of realtors say that homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell than homes without them. Similarly, the National Association of Realtors states that 54% of home buyers would consider spending more for a home with wood flooring. Along with adding wood flooring to your home, placing some accent wood walls from room to room can similarly increase the value of your home. Rather than venturing for barn or reclaimed wood, you can find sound companies that use real, authentic hardwood, giving your home that northern woods cabin aesthetic.

Customize With an Accent Wood Wall:

While it might seem like every accent wood wall and wood flooring would end up looking the same, it’s far from the truth. Some of the most common wood used in the industry is oak and maple. Oak, which is normally known for its medium hue, is perfect for hardwood flooring, since it can have a hardness of up to 1,360 pound o the Janka hardness scale. Maple, which there are 23 separate species of in Canada and the U.S., known for its lighter, reddish hue, is perfect for providing brightness through your accent wood walls. Furthermore, maple wood comes in two varieties — hard and soft — so you can choose on the type of variety and grain you’d like to use for the plank wood walls in your home.

Bringing in the Eye of an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer can make for a great investment, since they can help advise you on what types of wood, placed in the right room, can work perfectly as an accent wood wall in your home. One of the key principles they’ll be able to bring to your home is that a repetition of elements will provide a sense of calm and ease to a home. Rather than working for multiple type of wood panels, along with a variety of colors, focusing on a singular type of wood will allow you to enclose your home with a sense of completeness. By playing off of the natural lighting, artificial lighting, and style of your home, they can aid you in properly designing your home with the most pleasant types of accent wood walls.

Adding a wood plank accent wall to your home in more ways than you might think. By making your home comfortable and rustic, you can equally provide it with a sense of charm, realtor interest, design perfection.

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