What to Consider When Thinking About Replacement Windows

Have your heating bills always been through the roof, far exceeding what you thought you should be paying? If you’re wondering how you can remedy this costly situation, then perhaps you could consider giving a call to replacement window companies. One of the ways you could be losing or gaining heat is through your windows. According to the Department of Energy, windows are responsible for 25 to 30 percent of heat gained or heat lost! That’s why it is so important to install energy-efficient windows of any size window.

The approximate cost of new windows can range from $300 to $700. Before you balk at the expense, consider that the National Association of Realtors approximates that you could recoup up to 80% of your payment in reduced costs. If it’s a broken window you have, the average cost to repair a window is between $170 and $576, according to Home Advisor. In any case, if you feel you need the best new construction vinyl double-hung windows, feel free to contact us today.

We’re in the midst of winter, and perhaps you’re looking at your first heating bill and wondering: “What happened?” Maybe Aunt Josie turned up the thermostat; maybe the energy company is charging more. It’s highly likely, though, that replacement windows would be a huge help.

With the Department of Energy estimating that the average home or business spends almost half its energy costs in heating alone, it’s definitely worth checking out some window installation companies in your area to find replacement windows for your needs.

Many homes and businesses still have single-pane windows, but dual-pane replacement windows would be twice as effective at holding in the heat (and the air conditioning). Check the window seals, too, especially on older windows, as leaky seals can increase your energy bill by as much as 25%! Beyond that, an association of government and research agencies, as well as expert manufacturers, recently estimated that a 2,600-square-foot house could see a 15% reduction in energy costs by putting in low-E coated, energy-efficient replacement windows: even if the original windows were older double-pane.

Another possible energy saver is vinyl siding. It’s affordable, efficient, and costs 11% less than cedar and 26% less than aluminum. Vinyl replacement windows are also an efficient and reasonably-priced option for home windows installation.

But won’t it cost a fortune? Will I be able to find residential or commercial window installers that can do the job at a reasonable price? It may be less than you think: the average replacement window costs $300 to $700 dollars, and the National Association of Realtors estimates that those who replace their windows can easily make back 80% of that in reduced costs. In 2012 alone, 44% of all renovation jobs reported to the National Association of Home Builders were for replacement windows or doors, indicating that home and business owners are increasingly seeing the benefit in making those areas more efficient.

Let’s say you’re convinced, and you installed a replacement window — what then? Will you have to replace all your residential windows yet again in just a couple more years? Not if you take good care of them. Quality windows, with proper maintenance and care, should last you a good 20 years, depending on the exact material you choose.

Whether you need to replace a home window or a business one, it’s worth taking the time to check with window installation companies to find out what how you could maximize energy savings while minimizing installation costs.


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