12 Home Projects You Can DIY and 8 Projects You Can’t

To DIY or not DIY? That’s the question for the average homeowner. When you own a house, there are so many things that can go wrong, so how can you determine whether to call a professional? If you’d like to save time and money as a homeowner, read on. Here’s a list of projects that you can complete on your own, followed by separate tasks that will require professional intervention.

Household Repair / Home Improvement Projects You Can DIY


1. A Fresh Coat of Paint on the Walls

Have a baby on the way and want to spruce up your nursery? Or perhaps you’re sick of the same color you see on the walls every day? Whatever the case may be, a fresh coat of paint can liven up the area again, so complete this DIY project if you have some time to spare. You don’t need to be a pro in order to achieve incredible results. Just make sure to use a primer beforehand, and always use high-quality paints for a flawless coverage.

Some other tips for this project include the following.

  • Use a contrasting color when painting the trim for more dimension
  • Wait for dry weather as humidity in the air can lead to drippage which will not give you a flawless finish
  • Use a tarp to protect anything you don’t want to get paint on — like the carpet and furniture
  • Do several coats
  • When using a paint roller, apply only a small amount of pressure
  • When painting, start at the top, and work your way down.

Make sure the room you’re working in is well-ventilated and if you follow these tips, there’s no reason this DIY project will fail.


2. Change Your Kitchen Backsplash

Tired of the same old-fashioned looking backsplash in your kitchen? Switching it out for something new and modern can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen, so try this project if you need a dramatic change of scenery.

Peel and stick shiplap allows you to customize your backsplash without causing permanent damage. It’s also a quick and easy project that nearly anyone can do.

White subway tile has grown in popularity recently, as it’s minimal and modern. However, you can also select different patterns and textures like wood or marble.


3. Paint Your Wooden Cabinets

If you want to make a more permanent change to your kitchen, consider giving your wooden cabinets a fresh coat of paint. If you want something classic and elegant, opt for a rich black color. If you want something more rustic, paint your cabinets a nice shade of blue — like turquoise.


4. Paint Your Tub

Moving onto the bathroom, paint your tub if you feel like your bathroom is overdue for a makeover. Follow these steps if you want your tub to sparkle like new again.

  1. First, thoroughly clean the tub and get rid of any caked-on dirt. You can use a powerful cleaner, like bleach. Acetone will work as well. Make sure your bathroom is ventilated, and never mix cleaning solutions.
  2. Then, remove any caulk from the tub using a spackler’s knife.
  3. Next, uninstall the tub’s hardware.
  4. You’re going to want to repair any imperfections in the porcelain next. Use a spackling tool and an epoxy putty to get rid of any chips in the tub.
  5. Sand down those repairs with wet/dry sandpaper until it feels as smooth as the rest of the bathtub.
  6. Use tape to protect the fixtures from the paint you’re about to use.
  7. If you bought a restoration kit from your local home improvement store, prepare the paint now. Apply two thin coats and wait about an hour in between for each one to dry.
  8. Lastly, wait up to three days before allowing running water near or in the tub.


5. Make a Collage Wall

This project allows you to get more creative!

If you have a blank wall you’re unsure what to do with, consider creating a framed photo collage, using all of your favorite memories to add some life and personality to the otherwise dull space.

Select anywhere from ten to fifteen of your favorite photos and get them framed. Then, using blank sheets of paper that are the size of your frames, design a collage to your liking. Use the paper to play around with the placement. When you’re happy with your design, use nails and a hammer to secure your photos.


6. Upgrade Your Bathroom Tile

For another household repair you can do yourself, try to do something fun with your flooring. Also, if you’re looking for another way to elevate your bathroom, consider upgrading the old and boring design for something more colorful and creative. Spanish tile is gorgeous and can add that pop of color you’re looking for.


7. Add a Backsplash to Your Bathroom

Bring that tile up to the walls, and add a similar style backsplash to pull the room together.

8. Create a Walkway to Your Door

This household repair project can take some time — perhaps your entire weekend — so make sure to plan accordingly when doing this household repair. You can also have some friends and family come over to lend a hand.

For starter’s, plan your walkway out with wooden planks. Then, set down some dirt to create the path. Build a gravel base, and add some flagstone rocks to complete the project. You can also add trim around the edges for a more professional look.


9. Add a Garden to Your Yard

If you want to improve your space, add a beautiful garden to your yard. This new hobby will allow you to grow your favorite fruits, veggies, and herbs more sustainably.

It will also make your yard look more presentable, as a garden encourages you to tend to the area more often.


10. Maintain Your HVAC System

You don’t need extensive knowledge to take good care of your heating and cooling systems. Anyone can (and should) learn how to take basic care of these appliances. You don’t want to risk them breaking down on you — especially in the middle of a scorching summer or unbearably cold winter.

Therefore, replace the filters every six months. You should also learn to identify when something is wrong with your unit. The sooner you can figure out that it’s breaking down on you, the sooner you can diagnose the problem and call a professional to take care of it.


11. Install Shelving

Again, you don’t have to be a master carpenter to install some great shelves into your home. Feel free to purchase some from your local thrift store, as these ought to be sturdier than what you would find on the fast-furniture market.

On the topic of shelves and storage, you should also find unique ways to create even more storage within your home. Purchase cubbies that you can discreetly hide under your bed, and organize all of the clutter that’s been giving you anxiety.

A clear home can help you achieve a happier and more relaxed state of mind.


12. Fix Small Imperfections in Your Driveway

Feel free to patch up those small imperfections in your driveway. You’ll need some kneepads, fast-set crack filler, and a putty knife to smooth down these flaws and increase your driveway’s lifespan.

If you have some particularly deep cracks that you’re not sure you can resurface alone, call a team of paving contractors to help repave your concrete driveway.

Household Repair Projects You Should NEVER DIY


Some of these projects can be dangerous if you don’t have the necessary experience. You may also damage your property permanently, so in order to prevent this from happening, call an expert in the field. It will save you time and money, as you won’t run into the plethora of issues most homeowners encounter when trying to perform these complicated projects alone.

1. Heavy Duty Landscaping

Trimming your trees can result in various injuries if you don’t know what you’re doing. Don’t take the chance and hire a landscaping company when you notice that your yard is out of control. You could potentially fall off of your ladder, or risk a branch falling on a family member if you don’t know how to trim a tree properly.

2. Plumbing Issues

If you’re noticing mildew building up in your kitchen and bathroom, or a foul smell coming from these areas of your home, you need to call a plumber as soon as possible.

Plumbing is a pretty tricky trade, hence why most plumbers and contractors enlist in a two to five-year program at trade school. An expert in plumbing services can fix your toilets, dishwasher, sinks, bathtubs, and other appliances.

3. Replacing Your Roof

Roofers can spot and stop leaks in your roof, which can ruin your entire home, so call them If your roof needs replacing.

While you can maintain your roof by looking for loose or missing shingles, complete roofing services and replacements should be looked over by someone with experience.

4. Electrical Replated Household Repairs

If you need electrical services, don’t try to do this at home yourself. You can electrocute yourself. An electrician can figure out these household repairs for you.

5. Replacing Your Garage Door

You need a new garage door every fifteen to twenty years, so if it’s time for an upgrade, contact a professional contractor to help you with the garage door installation process.

Installing a new garage door takes time, patience, and experience. You don’t want to make the mistake of picking out the wrong door. Also, if your springs need to be adjusted, you’re better off calling a garage door company to assist you.

6. Pest Control

If you have a serious infestation, that cheap bug spray from the store isn’t going to cut it. Call an exterminator to fumigate your home properly, so you won’t have to worry about ticks, fleas, and termites coming back, even after you’ve eradicated them.

7. Full Home Remodeling

If you’re in the mood to change up your floorplan, under no circumstance should you take matters into your own hands. This is perhaps one of the most dangerous projects out there, as you can permanently damage your home’s foundation.

Full home remodeling is not impossible. However, it does require an entire team of builders and specialists.

8. Getting Rid of Asbestos

Lastly, one household repair project you should never do yourself is asbestos removal. Asbestos is toxic, and professionals have the right gear that makes removal of this substance both safe and effective.

Final Thoughts on DIY Household Repair and Improvements

Household repair and improvements can make your house seem like new. There are certain household repair projects that are safe and cost-effective to do yourself, hence why DIY-ing is so popular these days. However, some tasks require skilled labor, and calling someone well versed in the subject is one hundred percent worth it!

Use these tips as a guide the next time you’re unsure whether or not calling a pro in the field is worth it. You’ll create a safe and modern space that truly feels like home.

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