Your New Home Could Be Hiding a Costly Secret

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Even if you live in a new home, your sewer pipes may still be old and outdated. If your sewer pipe is over 40 years old it might time to have it repaired or replaced. Signs of sewer pipe problems can include:

  • A bubbling sound when flushing your toilet or when your sink drains caused by excess air bubbles in the pipe
  • Foul odors in you home
  • Blockages in sewer pipes causing sewage to backup into your basement.

If you are seeing any of these symptoms it may indicate that it is time for a water pipe repair. When most people think of sewer repair they think backhoes digging of large holes and trenches in their perfectly maintained lawns. Luckily there are more options for drain repair which require less digging and excavation of your property.

Trenchless Water Pipe Repair is an Option
Trenchless sewers and drain repair methods have been a an option for residential homes for the for about 10 to 15 years. These methods are minimally invasive, which means less digging and less lawn restoration. Even still, about 73% of homeowners surveyed were unaware that no dig sewer technology existed.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement Methods are Cost Effective
Trenchnless sewer repair options can on average cost about 30 to 50% more than conventional sewer repair methods. To the budget conscious homeowner, this can seem daunting on first glance, but when the overall costs of the additional restorative work required for conventional digging methods is compiled, trenchless water pipe repair still comes out as a cost effective option. Maintaining their current yard layout was also important to 73 % of consumers who prefer to pay more fore no dig repairs rather than have to sacrifice their current landscaping. If you are one of the several homeowners each year who will need some form of sewer pipe repair, researching trenchless options could save you some money and some headache.

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