You’ll Never Guess the Easiest Way to Transform a Room

Installing carpet

While a floor covering is an essential part of any room, many people do not consider it a part of the room’s design. This could not be farther from the truth, as a quality floor can change the entire look of a room. As with other design choices, floor options are subject to change with trends, and the flooring trends for 2015 certainly stand on their own.

Hardwood flooring has always been a popular choice, but as fashion moves toward a country chic aesthetic, more and more homeowners are choosing reclaimed wood. Barn wood and recycled pallets are all the rage, and as more homeowners combine kitchens and living rooms into one “great room,” hardwood flooring is in high demand. Dark stains, especially in shades of gray, are growing in popularity, and hardwood flooring installation specialists are seeing the use of more exotic species such as cherry and bamboo.

While not much has changed with respect to the materials used to create tile flooring, the aesthetics of tile floors have changed. Individual tiles are being cut larger, some in rectangles instead of squares. Printed patterns are gaining traction, disguising tiles as fabrics, woods, and even concrete. Other tile patterns include florals and stripes. Custom vinyl tiles are quickly becoming the affordable flooring of choice, able to be printed to look like hardwoods or even marble.

Even carpeting is getting a makeover, with an increased emphasis on using recycled materials in its manufacture. So far only one company recycles nylon carpets, but reusing polyester to make new fibers is becoming an industry standard. With new processing techniques, carpet is getting softer and remains the flooring option of choice for bedrooms.

With so many floor options available, it is no surprise that flooring can take a room from drab to fab. Simply replacing the floor can completely transform a room, even if all other decor elements stay the same.

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