You’ll Never Guess How Much Water You’re Wasting

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We’re all looking for ways to save money in our monthly budgets and there are some common culprits we look to cut: go out to eat less, use less gas, spend less on entertainment. However, if we look at how much utility we use, it could be a great place to start cutting fat. Did you know that several facets of your home could be wasting water? And that by keeping an eye on this issue, you could save 10% on your water bill each year? Here’s what you need to look out for.
Leaky Facets
If one faucet is leaking at about 1 drop per second, you are watching 3,000 gallons per year go down the drain. Now, imagine how much water that is if all your faucets leak. Keep an eye on your plumbing fixtures and stay on top of plumbing issues. A leaky faucet may not seam like a plumbing emergency, but treating it as such could save you money in the long run.
Is Your Toilet Running?
Some studies show that more than 1/5 of residential toilets leak to some degree. This is likely a really easy fix. Go look at your toilets right now! You can call a 24 hour plumbing service and get to saving water right away. And even if you don’t have 24 hour plumbing services in your area, you could get a plumber in before the week is out to to do plumbing repairs. With so many people suffering from water shortages, you shouldn’t be letting your toilet get away with that.
Careless Laundry
Do clean clothes wind up in your laundry basket? Do you re-wash some loads because you just didn’t fold them fast enough. Laundry uses up a LOT of water. By being more intentional about your laundry, you can save time, money and energy!
Thought it may not seem it, water is a precious resource. Checking up on these household items is an important part of the conservation of water.

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