Why do I Need to Have my Septic System Pumped?

Septic service

Did you know that a quarter of homes in the U.S. use a septic system? In most cases, tanks are made large enough to hold two days of wastewater, which is how long it takes for solids to settle. If you own a two bedroom household, you’ll need at least an 1,000 gallon tank for your needs. Septic pumping is a part of regular maintenance and a process you will find that you absolutely need if you are somebody using a system in your household. But why? Many people disregard this necessary septic tank service and hold off on it as long as they can. But trust us – you will love the results if you take the chance and care for your system when it needs it most.

When You Should Pump

There are several factors that can help you determine if it’s time to pump. Pumping should be frequent if there are many people in your household, you generate tons of wastewater, or there are large volumes of solids in your wastewater. Many homeowners fail to keep up with how often they should be pumping, and it could lead to drastic results within your septic tank, which is why we offer our septic service as a preventative measure to keep you from going under.

There are some simple ways to estimate how often you should be pumping and calling in services to get the job done. You never want it to get out of hand, because you could be risking the integrity of your home. Usually, if you have a family of 4, you should expect to have your tank pumped somewhere between 3 and 5 years. Inspectors will also check the slide layers of the tank and, from a simple look, they are able to tell if it’s time to have it pumped again. If a system is determined to be too small for its tank, then the tank will have to be emptied out more frequently than if it was the right size. You can monitor how much waste goes in, but sometimes an inspection is so much easier to keep track of how much has been going in and when it’s time to come out.

No matter what services you need regarding your septic tank, we can help. We want to keep everything in your home flowing smoothly, so give us a call and we will speak with you about your options.

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