8 Tips for Keeping Your Electric Generator Running Happy and Healthy

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More and more Americans are turning to generators to be there when the power goes out. People may not realize this but the United States sees the most violent weather on the planet. As a consequence, power outages are fairly common around the country. Electric generators are there to save the day when a hurricane, blizzard or tornado wreaks havoc in a community. If you have a generator, there are things you can do to keep it happy and ready to step in when the need strikes.

  1. Make sure you get the warranty. One of the best things you can do for yourself when you have an electric generator is have the warranty on it. Make sure you understand the coverage you are getting with the warranty. There are different levels and you should not wait until you need the coverage to know what you have.
  2. Think about getting a backup generator. If you live in a part of the country that sees a lot of bad weather, you may get more peace of mind if you have a back up generator. This can also help with your homeowner’s insurance.
  3. Buy something to cover your electric generator. As you are probably aware, electricity and water do not play well together. If your unit is exposed to water from rain or snow, the costs to repair it may be more than you might think. It is much less expensive to get yourself some kind of cover for your electric generator. Some people go as far as to build little housing structures, like the ones pet owners get, to cover the generator.
  4. Make sure you do your due diligence. When you are looking into buying an electric generator, you will see that there are many different types of electric generators. You need to know what your needs with be for the generator. Talk to the generator services company about the rating of the generators you are looking at. You are always better served by having more generator power than you think you are going to need but this is not a decision to make on the fly. Look into the residential generators you can get for your home. Make sure you understand how electric generators work and what you will need from it. The companies that provide generator preventative maintenance can help you decide what you need.
  5. Do not run the generator until it is out of fuel. You will do yourself and your generator a big favor if you make sure it never gets a chance to run out of fuel. This is not like a battery on your phone that needs to charge down all of the way to remain in good shape. When you run out of gas for your generator, your home will continue to draw from it and will damage its magnetic field.
  6. Pay attention to the filters and the oil. It is a lot more cost effective to switch out the filters and change the oil than to get a new generator. Keep an eye on your oil level and the generator oil to keep it all running smoothly.
  7. Get heavier and longer power cords. Shorter power cords carry more in the way of voltage and can cause your motor to burn out. Longer cords carry less in this area. Also, electric generators can be very noisy so you are going to want to keep it away from where you and your family are sleeping.
  8. Turn on your generator from time to time. Most people know that when they are not going to drive their car for a long time, they should have someone turn on the engine. The very same principle applies to electric generators. if you are not using it for a long time, you should still start it about every 90 days. In addition to being good for it, you will be able to make sure it is working.
    You do not want to find a problem with the started after the power has gone out.

Electric generators help make life today easier when the power goes out. They can keep your home comfortable and safe after a storm.

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