Why A Deck Is A Great Home Addition Idea

Composite wood decking

Entertaining family and friends can be hassle for families who have small kitchen areas, no dining rooms and limited living space. A great way to expand a household, provide an area for relaxing and help increase the value of your home is to add a deck or screened in porch. Most homeowners will tell you that decks are an incredible addition to any home because of the different types of decks available, the space they create for family and friends and the investment opportunity they provide.

The best thing about adding a deck to your home is the uniqueness it adds and the flexibility deck builders have when designing and building. There are many decking options available to homeowners, some of which include screened in porches, a wooden deck, or even a synthetic deck. Although there are many types of decks, wooden decks are a very popular choice, with many options available. Here a few:

– Ipe

– Redwood

– Mahogany

– Mock Lumber

While decks provide an area outside the home for entertainment, homeowners can also choose to add a screen in porch, which provides much of the same aspects as a traditional deck, but with more of an indoor environment. Screened in porches are great areas to enjoy fresh air, sunshine or even the night stars, but with a roof overhead. Adding in sunroofs into the ceilings of the screened porch is very popular among those who have a screened in porch and can help create a one of a kind, indoor environment.

Adding a deck to a home provides a spacious area to entertain, leisure or even grill outside. This is an ideal area for family and friends because it is elevated away from the ground, helping keep it clean and away from any dirt and grass. Not only that, but adding a deck to your home can provide an estimated seventy-two percent return on initial investment. While sometimes decks need to be maintained, cleaned, stained and protected against the environment, any homeowner will tell you, a deck is a fantastic addition to the home with nothing but positive benefits.

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