When Should I Replace My Roof

In this video, homeowners will learn when it’s time to get a new roof by looking at some telltale signs as advised by a roof replacement service provider.
You will learn what hailstorm hits look like, when shingles fail and what causes them to lose their life span. The video will also show how properly installed boots look like and how to know if they are not well installed and causing roof leaks.

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The roofer then also speaks about the lifetime of roofing systems and when you need to replace them versus when you just kind of want to replace them. Looking at shingles, he says that their lifespan is mainly affected by the weather through hail storm hits and blistering due to an overheated roofing system. These are all the things a roof replacement service will look for on your roof.
If you’re like most homeowners, the roof is the last thing on your mind until there’s a problem. Use this video to get educated on when to replace your roof and call in the experts. Remember to get an assessment done by roof replacement service professional and have them do it so that it’s done right the first time.

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