What Window and Porch Screens Can Do For You

In a modern building, especially a house, one might find some pool screens, porch netting setups, mesh screen fabric over the windows, and more. Such fine screens are designed to allow light and air to easily pass through them while blocking larger items, typically insets or even small birds. These screens may be found at window screen supplies stores or online catalogs offering window screen supplies, and such screens may vary in size and material. Some screens are made of fine metal wires, often those placed over a window frame. In other cases, such as a porch netting array, fabric netting, which is lighter and more flexible, is a better idea. Someone may visit online catalogs or nearby retailers and find these window screen supplies at will, and window screen supplies ensure that no harmful flying insects may get close. When is it time to install some netting and screens?

Windows and Porches

In temperate climates, a house may often have a lot of flying insects in the area. Some of them are fairly harmless and benign, such as dragonflies or honeybees or moths. Such insects are not a concern, but other species certainly are. Other flying insects have been known to sting or bite, and such attacks may cause painful rashes or bumps, spread illnesses, or even contaminate food or cause an allergic reaction. A wasp, hornet, or bee sting is not typically life threatening, but if the victim has an allergy, then they may need to be hospitalized after being stung. And even in other cases, such stings are painful and may ruin a picnic or a relaxing afternoon on the porch or wooden deck. Flies, meanwhile, may land on food or get in drinks, which is a health issue to be sure. Such flies are at least annoying, and at worst may contaminate food.

Worse yet, mosquitoes may be found in many parts of the United States, especially the South, and they are dangerous not because of the volume of blood that they consume, but the transmission of disease. This includes the dreaded micro parasite malaria, which kills many people around the world each year. Malaria was once believed to be caused by “bad air” (hence the name), but it was later correctly blamed on mosquito bites. Even in the United States, mosquito bites are liable to transmit dangerous disease such as malaria and others.

This is where window screen supplies and mesh nets come in. Many houses may have metal wire mesh screens installed over the windows for convenience during spring and summer. Many people like to have their windows open to admit sunlight and pleasant breezes, but unwanted flying guests may also get into the house unless mesh screens are put in place. And not only will those screens keep away unwanted insects, but they will also prevent other wildlife from getting in too, such as squirrels or raccoons. If the mesh screens over a person’s window is worn out or damaged, they may ask window contractors to put in a new one.

Larger fabric mesh nets may be draped over a wooden deck or a picnic table for outdoor events. Many Americans like to host outdoor parties and meals, but such events might have some uninvited guests such as flies, mosquitoes, and wasps. These insects may ruin a party, so the homeowner may purchase a large tent made of mesh netting and set it up over the party area, such as over a wooden deck or a picnic table. This mesh is lightweight and allows sunlight and air to pass, but the tiny holes will block any insects, even mosquitoes, from getting through. Such nets should be regularly checked for holes or rips, and repaired or replaced if need be.

Pool Screens

Meanwhile, many Americans have private swimming pools in their yards, and these pools need protection. If left exposed, pools may suffer evaporation under a hot sun, or items may fall into them or people or wildlife may get into the water. Therefore, pool screens can be installed and stretched over the pool water to keep it clean and keep out unwanted people and animals. Such screens also protect the water from evaporation, too.

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