What to Expect From a Heating and Air Conditioning Service Call

Safe and clean breathable air is important, especially in a big household that holds a lot of rooms and people. From time to time, having heating and air conditioning service done is a must in order to maintain the good quality of air in the building.

But, what really happens when an HVAC professional is called in the house?
After you make the call, a licensed technician will visit your home, with a prepared plan on what to inspect and check around the house.

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It usually begins with the air conditioning.

The heating and air conditioning service professional will examine the fins or the metal slats that can be found on the exterior of the air conditioning unit for any debris or its accumulation. The technician will probably also inspect the electrical connections and watch out for loose wires. The technician will also look for signs of leaks and parts in need of oil.

The thermostat will also be looked over, checking if everything works just fine and can be controlled properly. Any sign of malfunction is noted and solutions will be made in order to bring the system up and running efficiently again.

Watch this video to know more about how HVAC professionals work when they answer a service call.

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