What Are Chemical Grout Injections?

If you have concrete pavement anywhere on your property, you may have noticed that it has sunk in some areas. This always creates a tripping hazard, and it can be problematic on driveways or walkways. Thankfully, you don’t need to replace your pavement if this happens. Instead, you can resolve the issue with chemical grout injections.

Concrete slabs rely on a sturdy base of dirt and/or gravel to stay in place.

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If this is disrupted due to water infiltration, burrowing animals, or other problems, the concrete won’t stay level. Instead, it will sink into the uneven surface beneath it. The obvious solution to this problem is to backfill the gaps under the pavement.

In the past, this was a difficult project, but modern chemicals have made it an easy fix. Professionals simply drill holes into the concrete and inject polyurethane foam underneath it. The foam expands as it is installed. It fully stabilizes the soil underneath the pavement and cures in just minutes. You should be able to drive a vehicle on the pavement within just a few days at most, and you should be able to walk on it even earlier.

If you’re looking for a quick solution to your uneven pavement problems, try chemical grout injections.

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