Water Heaters: Electric v Gas

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UPDATED 1/22/21

Which is better: an electric water heater or a gas water heater? Proponents from both sides tout the virtues of their particular favorites, but the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (MGAGA) decided to put the claims to the test, once and for all.

The MGAGA partnered with the Energy Solutions Center to sponsor a study conducted by the Exelon Services Federal Group. This study compared the three main features of water heaters: monthly operational costs, hot water delivery (gallons of hot water the tank delivers before it runs out), and recovery time (how long a water heater takes to bring a new tank of incoming water to a desired temperature). Three comparable water heaters (a traditional electric water heater; a traditional gas water heater; and a tankless, continuous water heater, also gas-powered) were compared under controlled settings.

Cost Efficiency. This test showed the traditional gas water heater outperforming the electric water heater by 35%, in terms of cost to operate. The tankless heater outperformed both traditional heaters (55% cheaper than the electric, and 31% cheaper than the traditional gas heater). Based on these data, high efficiency water heater prices can be recouped within just a few years of use, using the energy savings.

Delivery. The gas water heater delivered 95.5 gallons of hot water, while the electric water heater only delivered 62.3 gallons. That’s a 33-gallon gap, or a difference of 36%. (The tankless water heater is a continuous system, and so naturally outperformed both traditional water heaters.)

Recovery Time. The electric heater in the test took just over an hour (61:04) to bring a new tank of water to the desired temperature. The gas water heater, on the other hand, took just over 20 minutes (21:35). (A tankless water heater provides instant hot water and, again, did not provide a useful comparison.)

If you’re looking for the best water heater for your home, it pays to know the facts. Natural gas water heaters (both traditional and tankless) outperform electric heaters on just about every front. Talk to the professionals today, and ask how you can enjoy a more reliable and more efficient water heating system… that also reduces your energy bills.

People interested in water heaters repair may just decide to purchase replacement water heaters. Water heaters are relatively durable, but they still usually won’t last much longer than ten years or so. If the water heater in question is fifteen years old, it should probably be replaced anyway.

Individuals who are looking for new water heaters might want the biggest water heater. For many people, these water heaters might be ideal. However, it’s important to make sure that all of that heated water gets used. Otherwise, people will end up wasting a lot of energy and money.

It certainly makes sense to install large water heaters in buildings where more than five people live. However, if only a few people live there, a smaller water heater will be more cost-effective.

Tankless water heaters are great choices for the people who want an always hot water system that never seems to run out of heated water. People may save money when they buy gas water heater systems. An efficient central water heating system can help people reduce their usual energy expenses. When people install more effective heating systems, they can use less energy without noticeably changing their normal habits.

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