The Facts About Choosing the Right Floor Covering

Empire floors and carpet locations

When it comes to fixing up their homes, most homeowners tend to look either straight head or toward the sky, but seldom look down. Even though home furnishings, lighting, and wall coverings are the most immediately perceptible features of everyone’s interior design, the different kinds of carpeting and flooring you choose can have a more profound impact than you might think.

If you’ve ever replaced the floors in your kitchen or the carpeting in your living room, you probably know how awful those bare planks can make the whole room look. At the same time, when you replace your old, worn our flooring, or matted down carpeting, with different kinds of carpeting or flooring, you know that it can actually make it feel like you updated your entire decor.

One of the toughest parts of choosing among the innumerable types of carpeting and hardwood flooring options that are available is deciding on what is right for each specific room in your home. When the home already has beautiful hardwood floors — or at least solid floors with a lot of potential — covering it with carpeting can be difficult, if not outright sacrilege.

But sometimes the style, decor, and purpose of the room warrants new carpet installation. Even though a solid wood flooring company can work miracles with the right floor, the fact is that some people just don’t care for hardwood flooring, at least for certain rooms in their home. While the thought of paying high carpet installation costs to cover a beautiful hardwood floor might make some people shake their heads, the decision is the prerogative of the homeowner.

The bottom line is if you are debating carpet vs. wood flooring for your home, the best advice you can follow is your gut. Choose whatever you think fits the room, style, and ambiance you’re shooting for. After all, nobody buy the carpet installer is going to know if a Macassar ebony flooring is underneath your plush new carpeting.

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