Updating Your Home’s Exterior? Choose Color Wisely!

Itasca painting

Are you looking to update the interior or exterior of your home? Looking for exterior paint ideas, interior painting services, fence painting, wallpaper removal and installation, or more? Few people realize that they can take a dilapidated-looking home and slap a new coat of paint or trim on it and it?ll look brand new!

The key to making a home look like new and high quality is to think in threes when it comes to the color scheme of the exterior of your home. Choose one color for the main part of your home, then one for your trim, and another for the shutters and/or doors. This creates an appealing color-pallet and is very easy on the eye. Just make sure you choose colors that compliment each other.

Also, when working on the exterior of your home and updating the paint job, just bear in mind that, if you don?t like the way it looks, your neighbors likely won?t either. If you fail to pick attractive colors, the entire neighborhood will have to suffer and live with them, so take the time to research and plan your paint project out to avoid this mistake.

You don?t have to limit yourself to the exterior of your home, either. Get creative on the inside as well. Breath a breathe of fresh air into your home with fresh coats of paint in each room. Sound like a daunting task? Splurge a bit and hire professional painters. Many homeowners, do, especially if they have more than two rooms that need painting. So don?t be afraid to hand over the reigns a bit.

One important thing to keep in mind during any painting project, though, is to ensure that the paint you?re using does not contain lead. Why? Because lead has been proven to be harmful, especially to those under the age of 6. So be careful on where you purchase your paint from.

These are just a few tips to help you get started on planning your next few exterior paint ideas or your next interior painting project. As long as you take time to research and plan, you?ll have a refreshened home in no time!

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