Tips for Choosing the Perfect Fence for your Home

Fencing is something that homeowners choose for a variety of reasons. Whether you don’t like your current one, or your yard is lacking one and you must find one, there are a few options based on your specific needs. Consider your yard’s needs, your home’s needs, your family’s needs and these tips before choosing one for your home.


You must first determine why it is that you need the fence. Do you want something that looks nice and outlines your yard? Perhaps you have animals that you want to let roam free in the back yard. Do you want to separate your home from your neighbor’s home? Does your home sit next to a busy freeway, highway or road and are you looking for more privacy? Determining your need is going to determine the type of fence that you will need.


Once you determine why you are looking for residential fencing you can determine your budget. Keep in mind when choosing which fencing suits you best that cheaper is not always better. A sturdy wood fence that is treated and stained may cost more than traditional wood fencing that is not treated, but economically it will last many more years with minimal upkeep. An additional coat of staining within the recommended time frame of three years will keep your wooden privacy fence stronger and help it last longer.


If you have an HOA then it is wise to consult with the regulations before beginning your choice of fences for your yard. There are many restrictions, although some may not be the same throughout all HOAs. While a permit may not be required if your fence is under seven feet, your HOA may not permit fences that tall. Ensure that your chosen fence will fit within the standards for not only height but material as well.

Remember that regulations will differ from city to city and town to town. In CT for example fences that don’t measure more than six feet are allowed, but only in the back and on the sides, not in front of your home. Following all regulations could be the difference in a fence you love and one that you wasted your time, money and energy on.

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