Four Ways Shelving Can Give You More Kitchen Space

When it comes to home modeling, the kitchen is the most popular room in the house. Out of the top 20 U.S. metro areas, homeowners in San Francisco spend the most money on kitchen remodels, averaging almost $70,000 for a large kitchen.

Within the kitchen remodeling realm, U.S. kitchen cabinet demand is projected to grow to almost $17.1 billion by 2021. Cabinets alone generally account for 40 to 50 percent of total kitchen remodel costs.

A lot of kitchen remodeling is done to breathe some new life into a worn down kitchen and perhaps to add some more space to a once cramped area. One way to add more space in a kitchen and to any room is adding shelves. Here are some benefits of adding adjustable wood shelf brackets to your kitchen:

  • Adjustable wood shelf brackets can make a kitchen look a lot cleaner. Instead of feeling closed in and cramped by clutter, shelves take up less space and can showcase your kitchen rather than making it look like a storage closet. Using the brackets can open up your kitchen and take away the stress of clutter. Use them to display and easily find different cooking spices and oils or use them to store different cook books you own.
  • Adjustable wood shelf brackets are unique. Getting shelf brackets with a nice finish can add a nice touch of décor to a kitchen plus they provide space to showcase things in your home.
  • As the name implies, adjustable wood shelf brackets are adjustable meaning you can fit them wherever you need to. If you’ve got a tiny nook where you want to add a shelf, it’s a lot easier with adjustable shelving.
  • Adjustable wood shelf brackets are easily installed. Generally all you need to put them in is a power drill and a leveler to make sure they are hanging in a straight line and are secure.
  • Adjustable wood shelf brackets are strong and durable. The cost of DIY shelving ranges from around $20 dollars on the low end to a couple hundred dollars on the high end. Depending on what you’re looking for, chances are good that you can find reliable shelving units that will look great and last you a long time.

As beneficial as kitchen remodels are, they can also get costly. To save money on a remodel and add some life to your kitchen, staining a wood cabinet is one of the perfect DIY woodworking projects to accomplish both goals.
Staining a kitchen cabinet can be done in four easy steps:

  • Sand the wood with 120-grit wood paper. Be sure to work in same direction as the grain to avoid scratches. After that, do a second sanding of the wood with 220-grit paper. This helps remove any scratches and helps give the wood cabinet a smooth finish.
  • Get rid of any dust and apply a coat of wood conditioner. The conditioner acts like a sealer and helps the stain go on evenly.
  • Wait for the conditioner to dry and start applying stain. Apply it in a circular motion to allow the stain to go deep into the wood. General Finishes water based stain has the versatility to allow its formula to penetrate deep into wood, especially on hard to stain woods. Make sure to get an even finish by making one final pass along the wood grain of wood.
  • Apply a finish to the wood. To make sure the wood is protected, apply two coats.

General Finishes water based stain is a good product to use for your project because of its many uses. General Finishes water based stain can be used as a glaze, an aged varnish or to create custom colors. General Finishes water based stain can also be used for toning.

Some other benefits of General Finishers water based stain include:

  • It provides a workability that’s very similar to an oil-based stain.
  • It can be spread easily, blend effortlessly and have plenty of open time.
  • The high-quality pigments of the thicker formula produce rich, dark colors on woods that are hard to stain like pine and maple.
  • Low odor
  • Low VOC
  • Water cleanup
  • Noncombustible

If you’re looking for some inspiration to touch up your kitchen cabinets, the General Finishes Design Center can provide you with plenty of ideas.

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