Three Weekend Waterproofing Projects to Complete Before Winter Arrives

Basement leaks when it rains

Cities across the country are starting to see the first signs of winter with thin blankets of snow starting to accumulate on the ground. For many, the light snow flurries are a reminder that there isn’t much time to complete home and landscaping projects before winter officially arrives. One of important item that many homeowners tend to forget about is waterproofing a house for the winter. Even though the rain may be gone, snow and ice can still contribute to flooding and moisture in basements. With the clock ticking away, here are some essential home waterproofing projects to get done this weekend to ensure prevent wet basement problems all winter long.

  1. Clear Out Gutters – Damaged, clogged and malfunctioning gutters are a common cause of wet basement problems, even during the winter. When gutters remain clogged throughout the winter, they are unable to keep water from melting snow and ice flowing through the system and out the downspout, allowing it to leak into the home over time. It is important to remove any leaves, twigs or debris out of gutters before heavy snowfall to keep gutters working properly all winter.
  2. Fill in Wall Cracks – Cracks in basement and foundation walls are another contributor to water in the basement. Homeowners should perform a thorough check around the outside foundation walls, as well as around interior basement walls to see if there are any cracks present. If there are small cracks, homeowners can fill these in themselves with a cement sealant from their local hardware store. For larger cracks, they may need to enlist the help of a waterproofing company.
  3. Cover Window Wells – When water pools around the foundation of the home, it can cause major damage and even start to seep into the basement. This continues to be a problem in the winter as snow and ice that have accumulated around the outside of the house begin to melt. Window wells can be a particular source of trouble because they provide a deep pool for snow and ice to sit in, often times unnoticed throughout the season. By installing basement window well covers over the tops of window wells, homeowners can prevent snow from building up along the outside of basement walls.

Although it is easy to forget about, waterproofing a home for the winter is important in order to prevent wet basement problems. With winter quickly approaching, now is the time to get these last few home projects done to ensure that a home is prepared for the long, cold season ahead. Learn more:

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