Three Great Tile Countertop Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Ceramic tile flooring

If you have been thinking about remodeling your kitchen for some time or if you have just been getting sick of the kitchen in the house you recently bought or even if there is no specific reason at all, pulling the trigger on the job will bring you a kitchen you love and a nice return on your investment to boot.

As you might imagine, an additional bathroom will bring most people about an 86% return on their investment. But, the kitchen remodel is not very far behind, bringing most homeowners an 82.7% return. According to the National Association of Home Builders most recent survey, of all the jobs that were requested, 69% of them were for a remodeling of the kitchen.

If you go through a tile company’s listings, you will likely not see any tiles specifically for the kitchen. You might get a few suggestions for tile countertop ideas but no real suggestions for specific tiles to use. There are many different kinds of tile out there, in many different shapes and thicknesses. PEI Class 2 is typically used for bathrooms on the floors and on the walls. Class 3 is used for countertops and other kinds of lightly traversed areas, and Class 4 is used for heavier traffic, such as in the kitchen. It all depends on what you want to do, of course, but here are three ideas worth considering.

1.) Craftsman-style Look

If you’d like to go with a colorful and charming look, the Craftsman-style kitchen is worth considering as one of the more whimsical tile countertop ideas. The tiles in this style are very distinctive and color-rich tiles. What you want to look for here are tiles that repel dirt and stains and are easy to clean. Kitchen backsplash designs are also fun with this choice of tile.

2.) A French Look

For something like this, you can go with a glossy blue tile that is six inches square. Usually, this looks best if you have a rather shallow kitchen counter.
If you are looking to emulate a French or even an Italian design, this is one of the more perfect tile countertop ideas. Try to avoid a finish that is too glossy, as it will scratch and fade over time.

3.) Larger beige tiles on an island

When you have larger tiles on your counter, that means there will be fewer seems and cleanup will be so much easier. The same holds true for your kitchen island. Try large, beige tiles on your island. And, if you want to, you can have the kitchen tiles for backsplash compliment the ones on the island, tying the whole look together.

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