How to Prevent a Break-In at Your Home or Apartment

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Have you ever considered how safe your front door is from keeping burglars out? It may not be something that crosses your mind frequently. Whether you?re renting an apartment or home or you own the property, you?re most likely not the person who did the door installation. So, you probably just assume it?s installed properly and going to keep you safe. However, this isn?t always the case with door installation. Installing a door can be more complicated than one might think, leading to improper installation and the ability for burglars to easily break into your home.

Interested in learning more about home break-ins and potential ways to prevent this from happening to you at your house? Keep reading for more information about door installation, commercial door locks, and replacing doors at your home.

How Frequently Break-Ins Occur in the United States

If you have never experienced a break-in, this is likely not at the forefront of your mind. Perhaps you never even consider the possibility that this could happen to you in your home or your apartment. Every single year in the United States, there are more than 2 million home burglaries. Odds are eventually it could happen to you if you?re not prepared and taking the necessary precautions to prevent it from happening.

From these burglaries that occur, there are damages and losses nearly every time. In 2013, there were an estimated 1.9 million burglaries. From all of these incidents combined, there was more than $4.5 billion from property loss, according to FBI statistics.

So, how are these burglaries occurring so frequently? There are a few things to consider about when, where, and how burglaries most frequently occur. First off, surprisingly, the majority of burglaries actually take place during daylight hours. To be exact, around 63% happen during the day rather than at night. This means, people aren?t afraid of attempting to break into homes even though they can easily be seen during daylight hours.

Secondly, 74% of burglaries that occur in the United States happen in residential properties. Just because you think you live in a safe neighborhood or in an area where someone would surely see the crime taking place, that doesn?t mean your home won?t be broken into. It?s also best to stay aware of the possibility. If you consider the possibility that this crime could happen where you live, you can start taking preventive measure to make sure that it doesn’t happen to your home. The more prepared you are for a break-in, the less likely it is that a burglar will successfully make it through your front door.

Thirdly, the majority of burglaries happen through forced entry. Burglars simply force their way into your homes and apartments to get access to your belongings. This explains why your door is so essential to your safety. If your door can easily be knocked down, broken into, or pushed through despite the extra locks and the deadbolt, then the door wasn’t installed properly or the locks weren’t installed properly.

Prevent Break-Ins With Proper Door Installation

Whether you?re moving to a new home or you?re already settled in your home, you can always take time to assess your doors. Make sure they are properly installed. If you are uncertain, it?s worth calling a locksmith and door company to come out and take a look at your doors. They can change the locks, replace the door, and offer more advice about how to protect yourself.

Many experts will recommend that you make sure you have a deadbolt inside your front door. This should be assessed by a professional, too, to ensure that it is properly installed. Nearly 10% of homes’ deadbolts are not installed correctly making it a direct target for thieves to easily gain access to your home. Consider other ways to stay protected too by adding additional locks to your front door. Whether you’re at home or away from home, you don’t want burglars to think they can easily access your home through your doors.

Have you ever experienced a break-in at your home? Was it through forced entry or a malfunctioning deadbolt? Let us know about your experiences and your thoughts on how to stay protected.

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