Three Great Pool Deck Ideas Just in Time For Summer

Patio design

A new above ground pool deck installation is one of the best ways for people to instantly add a fun place to relax by the pool during the summer months. And now that spring has officially sprung, there’s no better time to start looking at pool deck and patio designs than right now.

But these decks are also highly diverse, and can be constructed using pretty much any building material you can think of, from traditional wood to innovative. It can be tough to know exactly how you want your new pool deck to look and feel as a result!

To make your decision a little easier, here are three of our favorite pool deck ideas for

Mix and match

The days of choosing one uniform material for a pool deck are long gone. Today, people are mixing multiple materials when thinking up new pool deck ideas. For example, a wooden pool deck can go from drab to fab instantly by adding a brick border just along the edge of the pool. This way, you can often get the best of both worlds by combining two different building materials.

Multiple levels

Take your pool deck to the next level by adding more than one level. A deck that consists of two or three levels that lead from your house down (or up!) to your pool offers much more space than a simple staircase would, and offers a unique aesthetic look that will grab your guests’ attention.

Stone decks

The biggest trend in the world of pool decks is undoubtedly natural stone and the gorgeous, rustic appearance it gives. Additionally, a deck of natural stone will never need to be replaced or stained every year like wood decking will. The only downside is its cost — but you’ll more than make up for it with the use you’ll get out of it!

Have any other tips for pool decks to share with us? Feel free to let us and your fellow readers know in the comments below!

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