Building a House in the Country? Some Information about Digging a Well

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For people living in city or suburban areas, there is no need for a well as water comes to each house from the city. If you are moving to a rural location to build a new home, it may be your first experience using water from a well. To get water to your home, it will be necessary to dig your own well. There are several things to know for first-time well-water users. Here is some key information to note so you can be aware of possible issues that could arise and have a handle on the different processes for getting water when living on a well.

#1. Smelly Water

Water from a private well comes from groundwater–water from underground. Often the water straight out of the well needs to be treated in some ways before use. If the water has a strong, unpleasant odor, this could be caused from sulphur in the water. Sulphur in water can also cause other problems such as corroding plumbing pipes. Household water softeners do treat well water but do not help with sulphur odor. This can be removed by adding chlorine bleach to the water before it enters the filter.

#2. Maintaining a Well

Maintaining a well is the homeowner’s responsibility. While living in the city or suburbs, where the water comes from was not your concern, now it is. The main responsibility for your safety is to make sure nothing foreign is entering the water supply. As a new comer, it is important to not try and do anything without contacting professionals. You may end up contaminating the water storage tanks with bacteria so it is best to not remove the well cap yourself. An annual “check up” for your well is recommended to catch any issues before they become a bigger problem. Professionals can also help with basement sump pump installation.

#3. Water Well Sealing

Water well sealing is important for old wells that have been abandoned and are no longer in use. If your property is near any abandoned or old residences, it is important to make sure any original wells have been sealed off. The water well sealing process fills old wells so they no longer provide a direct route for chemicals to enter the ground water supply. If your well does not meet state ordinances, you may be required to seal it and be unable to use it. Make sure this inconvenient and costly procedure is avoided by contracting your well to be drilled by a professional and reputable company.

#4. Well Drilling and Digging

While back in the day wells used to be dug by hand, now they are most often dug by using a drill. Modern wells can now be dug as deep as 1,000 feet or more. Well drilling services consist of a drill rig being brought to the property on a truck. Large, powerful bits are used to drill through everything, including rock.

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