Thinking About Relocating? Santa Fe Might be a Pleasant Surprise

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In its 36th annual study of consumer migration patterns, United Van Lines found that Americans are moving out of the Northeast. The list of the 10 states that people are fleeing the most include New Jersey, Michigan, Connecticut, Maine, Illinois, and New York. While there are several factors that contribute to that trend, the state of the economy and cost of living certainly play a role. Plus, the fact that the Northeast has a large population of people over the age of 65 who are looking for less-expensive and warmer places to live is also important. As a result, the options for luxury living in the Southwest city of Santa Fe should be a popular choice.

The UVL survey had the Carolinas, Florida, and Arizona in their top 10 relocation destinations but lacked New Mexico. However, the art industry in Santa Fe makes it an awesome destination as well and helps set it apart. The city is home to the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, which is one of the major driving forces of the area’s art industry. The homes for sale in Santa Fe New Mexico are unique in that they offer a great chance to enjoy art regularly without having to deal with the hustle and bustle that comes with living in a bigger city.

When searching for luxury living in the Southwest, Santa Fe is a good option not just because of the unique art industry, but because there are many job opportunities as well. Even individuals who have retired might need to supplement their pension, and anyone looking to start a new career could find one. One in four workers in Santa Fe have government jobs that tend to me more stable than others and Forbes named the city one of its “10 Best Places for Business and Careers.” So if you are looking for a place to further your career and enjoy a great combination of relaxation and career opportunities, be sure to check out the homes in Santa Fe NM.

Perhaps surprisingly, the survey found that New Mexico is actually a state that people are leaving, rather than moving to. In fact, its percentage of outbound movers was 57.6, which placed it as the fifth-most abandoned state in the survey. The answer to why that is happening is complex, and there might not be one specific reason. But in the future, the combination of art, relaxation, and career opportunities should make Santa Fe a popular option for luxury living in the Southwest and possibly reverse the trend.

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