Think You Have Gophers? Call Pest Control

People have been fighting bugs with bug control chemicals for thousands of years. In the Middle Ages, people thought that the smell from a privy would repel fleas. They would hang their clothes over latrines — and then wear them. Native Americans burnt root vegetables to make smoke that repelled insects from people and horses.

Thankfully, you can buy pest control online today. More bug control modern ways include repellents, baits, sprays, and foggers that can be purchased over the counter. These are great for dealing with fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, roaches, flies, and ants.

Some insects like termites and bed bugs require the use of pest control services for bugs. This is because termites live in huge colonies that are hard to get to. Bed bugs have nearly flat bodies, making them able to hide in cracks, so they never come into contact with sprays or foggers. Hiring a bed bugs company pest control management service to give at least two treatments is the only way to remove these pests.

The chemicals used to kill termites and bed bugs are dangerous if not used correctly. That’s why they are not available to buy in stores or online. They need to be handled by professionals to kill the bugs and keep you safe.

The pest control business is always booming. They take care of the pests that are too troublesome for you to deal with yourself. Usually, this manifests through insect pests such as carpenter ants or termites, but other animals are frequently called about as well. One such animal is the ground squirrel, also known as the gopher. Almost 40% of all gopher species found in the western hemisphere are found in the United States. This makes them a unique problem for a variety of reasons, which means that exterminators and pest control specialists can remove gophers for you.


    • Reproduction

This is a common complaint among many pest species, usually referring to one generation creating massive numbers within the next generation that can wreak havoc if you don’t manage to stop them. Gophers also fit into this category, but not because of sheer numbers. Gophers usually produce offspring once or twice every year, and they only have three or four offspring per litter typically. However, these offspring mature quickly. Young gophers can establish their own burrows as early as five weeks old. This means that while being overrun by gophers is not a concern, such as with an insect species, the damage they cause can quickly spread with each new litter. This makes it all the more imperative to remove gophers as quickly as possible.

    • Damage

Another reason gophers are considered pests is because they consume so much shrubbery. They eat the majority of their body weight in plants on a daily basis. This consists of not just trees and shrubs, but roots, plants, grass, and other vegetation.

The tunneling makes gopher removal that much harder
. They live in burrows that are connected by multiple tunnels. The tunnels can be anywhere from 200 to possibly 2,000 square feet, which destroy the integrity of your yard.


  • Lifespan<>

Gophers usually only live between 1 – 3 years. Therefore, the main duty of a gopher exterminator is not to eliminate gophers but usually to use gopher trapping techniques such as nets or cages and remove them safely. However, the damage that they can do within their lives, including eating your plants and producing more offspring makes it imperative to remove gophers if you think you have them on your property.


Be sure to look into some of the pest control specialists in your area if you think you have a gopher problem. They may look cute and cuddly, but the damage that they can do will quickly change your mind.

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