3 Ways ICF Materials are Considered a Green Building Material

Many things may enter into your mind when you think of the term green building materials, but ICF bricks and building materials should be one of the things that does. ICF systems have been constructed and used for over 60 years because it is a much cheaper material, costing about 40% less, and it is six to nine times stronger than traditional materials used in other buildings. This means that your home will not only withstand more natural impacts of the weather, but that it will also last much longer than homes built with other materials. This also means that you may not run into the same problems you do with other traditional building materials. Read below to see three more ways green building materials like ICF materials can benefit everyone involved.

Air Barrier

Buildings that are built with green building materials, such as ICF walls or ICF building blocks have an absolute air barrier. Intake vents are used to ensure that the air quality in the home meets the standards. The air change within the house is considerably less than that of homes built with other materials.

Environmentally Friendly

Manufacturing ICF building materials takes far less energy than producing other methods of building materials. The materials used in ICF bricks and other building materials is recyclable. Just one home built with these materials can help to save as many as 50 trees.


Concrete is one of the main components of green building materials such as ICF walls and bricks. Cement is the key ingredient in the concrete mixture. Concrete is durable and made to withstand many many years of conditions. This means that much of the material including the concrete will stay at the house and will not find it’s way back onto the environment in a waste form.

Construction using green building materials including ICF materials saves the planet from waste, saves energy and saves consumers money. Consider all the options before opting for certain materials when it comes to building your home. A little conscious effort can go a long way in other aspects.

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