Terrazzo and Travertine Cleaning Services What You Need to Know

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In general, homeowners tend to favor hard flooring designs rather than soft ones. For example, two-thirds of homeowners in 2011 who had floor restoration work done chose hard surface materials, such as wood, travertine, or terrazzo, over soft materials such as carpet or wool. In fact, about 56% of all homeowners prefer hardwood over carpet. Hardwood and travertine floors are very popular but for truly magnificent and resilient flooring, terrazzo will get the job done.

Why terrazzo? A few reasons. First, terrazzo has been around for quite a long time — as in before the dawn of civilization. Terrazzo has been used by humans for as long as 10,000 years. Modern-day Turkey is host to ancient human houses that used terrazzo for its floors dating back to the Neolithic Era! Though much has changed since then, terrazzo’s popularity has not. In modern times, terrazzo is still being used for floors as well as for counters, stairs, patios, columns, fountains, and other structures. Terrazzo, which is a mixture of granite, quartz, glass, and other materials, is very resilient, which is one reason that explains its enduring popularity. Terrazzo is hard to damage. Even more so than other materials, terrazzo is resistant to nicks, scratches, bumps, cracks, and other common wear and tear. It is capable of going without cleaning for years, making it the perfect material for floors and especially for high-traffic areas such as lobbies and auditoriums.

However, the time does come for terrazzo cleaning, and when it does terrazzo floor cleaning companies can take care of the job. Terrazzo and travertine polishing jobs are just some of the services these companies can offer (they can often cleaning many surfaces, too). Terrazzo and travertine cleaning services have the tools, cleaning materials, manpower, and know-how to restore your floors to as good as new. Look online today for terrazzo and travertine cleaning businesses in your area.

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