Don’t Let Remodel Fever Blow Your Home Improvement Budget

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Now that the days are getting longer, the snow is melting, and you no longer have to wear your heavy winter coat — for now — you may be starting to feel the itch of cabin fever. There’s no way better way to keep cabin fever at bay than to begin fleshing out your spring or summer bathroom remodel.

Planning the remodeling process for new bathroom can be an exciting time. Between visits to the hardware store to pick out different fixtures, rifling through different paint swatches, and browsing home improvement websites, the entire process can be pretty fun. However, before getting too caught up in the excitement of designing something new and shiny, it’s important to consider one important thing: cost.

In the remodeling business, as with many other industries, time is money. The more labor and thus time a project require is the more expensive it will ultimately be. It’s that simple. Therefore, it’s important to consider cost effective alternatives that require less labor, time, and money but will still yield a similar end result that’s in line with your vision.

For example, replacing a bathtub may seem like an inexpensive project, however, bathtub installation costs can quickly climb into the thousands. Replacing a bathtub requires a lot of labor, time, and additional disposal or landfill fees, not to mention the skilled hand and experience of a professional contractor. While a brand spanking new bathtub only costs a few hundred dollars, this price does not include labor or fees. In older houses that may not have updated electrical or plumbing systems, costs can run especially high.

Luckily, tub resurfacing is an excellent and much more affordable alternative to replacing a bathtub. Also known as tub refinishing, tub resurfacing involves having a technician fill in any dents or nicks in your bathtub’s service, then applying a top coat in the color of your choice to seal everything in. Done and done. As

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