Ten Benefits of Renting in the City

Living in a loft

Because of the downturn in the job market, many people (especially recent college graduates) are flocking to major U.S. cities to find work and seek better quality of live. City living isn’t the next big thing — it IS the trend these days. Of course, city living poses one tiny threat: Where do you live?

The Answer? In flats, apartments and lofts. Roughly 35% of adults are renting their living space because it offers plenty of benefits. The rent vs own war should not even exist after reading these ten benefits of renting.

  1. Luxury Living: You can now enjoy a luxurious, high quality living space for an affordable price. Luxury apartments to rent don’t come with down payments and taxes. So splurge away!
  2. Amenities: Living in a loft, although it may have less square footage than a home, often comes with perks, such as community pools, gyms, and maybe even a private bar or restaurant.
  3. Fewer Bills: Most apartments will either come with water and/or heat included in the rental price, so those are two less bills you will need to pay at the end of the month.
  4. No Yard Work: You will not be responsible for maintenance work such as lawn maintenance. Forget weeding and laying mulch — that’s now all up to your landlord.
  5. Itchy Feet: Tired of the area you’re currently living in? You only have to live there a year until your lease ends and you can search for other center city apartments more catered to your needs.
  6. No maintenance knowledge: You can now enjoy 24/7 on-site maintenance, courtesy of your trusty landlord, instead of fixing that leaky pipe yourself.
  7. Cheaper: For those who aren’t swimming in cash, renting offers a more affordable route to living comfortably in an area you want to be in. Again, think of all the taxes you aren’t paying.
  8. Housing Market: Home prices fluctuate, so buying a house could cost you some serious cash if you buy at a bad time. No need to worry about those statistics if you’re renting!
  9. Less Insurance: As mentioned, you won’t need to pay many taxes. What you also won’t have to pay much for is renters’ insurance.
  10. Zero Risks: There will be no repercussions for selling your home in a bad market and risk losing everything. The only thing you’ll risk losing is money from splurging on things you can now afford because you don’t pay a mortgage.

When it comes to city living, there is no better way to immerse yourself in the area’s culture than to live right in the center of things and enjoy the company of others by renting out a space that allows you to save money to do the things you love. Great references here: www.postrents.com

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