Professional Refinishing of Hardwood Floors


Refinishing a hardwood floor is a DIY project that you can take on to transform the appearance of your home. Hardwood is a firm and attractive flooring material. When your flooring fades and loses its luster, you can go to a home improvement store and get all the materials you need to revive it. DIY floor refinishing ensures you save money compared to hiring a flooring professional.

When choosing a wooden floor material, ensure to get the best wood for wood floors. Your choice of best wood species for flooring is bamboo, oak, maple, and cherry flooring. Any hardwood flooring material with either of these hardwoods is sturdy and durable. Bamboo is the best species for hardwood flooring. It is light and easy to clean.

Materials for refinishing the best wood species for hardwood flooring are likely available from a home improvement store near you. When you install the best wood to use for flooring, a refinished floor makes your home more appealing and comfortable. Polish your old hardwood floor with an abrasion kit, and apply a coat of revitalizer or a polyurethane solution. It transforms your old flooring and makes it appear new and fresh. Remove all furniture from the house when revamping your flooring.

Refinishing hardwood floors is a job that you can have a professional come in and do or you can do yourself, depending on the quality of the floor and the shape it is in. Refinishing hardwood floors can be difficult and time-consuming work because you need to first sand down the wood and then refinish it. Sometimes it is best left to the professionals. There are many types of hardwood floors and for each type of wood flooring information is different and refinishing hardwood floors is different. If you want the best hardwood floors, your options are to try to keep the existing wood and have the wood refinished to restore its shine and quality. By refinishing hardwood floors, an old, scuffed floor can be brought to its original natural beauty and improve its value.

Environmentally friendly or green flooring options include reclaimed wood flooring and bamboo. If you can salvage your original wood, you are being environmentally friendly but if you must replace the wood, it is best to replace it with bamboo. Bamboo is an eco-friendly and highly renewable material source. It is essentially grass which means it grows much faster than wood. It can grow up to 47 inches in 24 hours. Since bamboo floors are a rapidly renewable resource, the United States Green Building Council’s LEED program recommends the use of bamboo.

Since refinishing hardwood floors last for hundreds of years, they are economical as well as environmentally friendly. They can also be recycled into new material. The United States Environmental Protection Agency states that indoor air quality is better when there are hardwood floors, as opposed to carpets. The average yearly net growth for hardwood floors is greater than average yearly removals, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. References:


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