Solar Panel Installation Providing Reliable Solar Panel For Years to Come

How to get a solar power

At a time when the interest in alternative energy is increasing, solar energy is gaining quite the following. From 2009 to last year, the U.S. solar power industry earned an annual revenue of $492 million as it grew at an annual rate of 70% — impressive in every sense of the word. From large-scale solar energy fields to smaller, private solar panel installations, solar energy is becoming a serious alternative to fossil fuels and gas as well as an excellent source of energy for your personal home.

Solar panels are becoming more and more common as they are, at the same time, becoming cheaper and cheaper. The cost of solar panels has decreased a phenomenal 80% between 2009 and 2013, and leading industry experts predict the costs will continue to fall. Over the past few years, solar installation companies have sprouted throughout the country, and they currently stand at 2,200 in number. Why are solar services so popular? Because, simply put, they’re better for the environment and they significantly reduce electric bills from traditional sources. Because of this, Americans are installing one solar panel every four minutes. Given the state of the solar contractors industry just 10 years ago, this is nothing short of incredible.

Solar installation provides free electricity to homes (after installation, of course). Especially in this tight economy, saving money is a priority nearly everybody shares. With solar panels, homeowners can expect to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year on electricity bills. The amount of relief solar panels provide alone makes up for the original investment — and then some. The financial benefits notwithstanding, the positive environmental impact of solar energy is just more incentive to purchase solar panels for your home.

As long as you live in a place where the sun shines, solar panel energy is an economic and popular alternative for your energy needs.

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