Need Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom? Here’s Four

Renovating houses isn’t easy. People might have small and specific remodeling projects in mind. Homeowners usually need a certain amount of experience with home repairs and improvement before they can get started, or they can hire home remodeling contractors. Bathrooms can be particularly challenging to remodel for people who have only started to read about these procedures recently.

Some customers will learn more about the process by reading posts on a home remodel blog. There are also options for people who want to read a home improvement newsletter. Still, it’s often important to get professional advice and support from home remodeling contractors when you want to officially get a home renovation project started.

There are bathroom renovation packages that can make everything about these processes seem simpler. Custom shower builders can help with one of the most important parts of any bathroom area. There are bathrooms that only have a sink and a toilet. If they have any space that hasn’t been used, adding a shower area could still be possible.

Other bathrooms might already have a shower area that seems too narrow. Expanding it could change the experience of using the shower each day. A more spacious shower would make the full bathroom itself seem different.


Bathroom remodel

Americans love to remodel their homes. According to, the average American homeowner will spend over $4,000 a year on their home, whether it’s to put in a new pool, replace their stove, or fix up the plumbing. Of all home improvement projects, however, bathroom remodeling has become one of the most popular.

Making the decision to go forward with a small bathroom remodel just makes sense. After all, between getting clean and doing all the other things nature requires you do in your loo, you spend a lot of your life in that one room. Shouldn’t it be functional and great to look at? If you’re thinking of remodeling your washroom, here are four simple small bathroom remodel ideas to keep costs low and results amazing.

Four Tips for Improving Your Bathroom Remodel

    1. Use Simple, Inexpensive Tricks to Add Space

One of the biggest challenges when remodeling a small bathroom is finding creative, cheap ways to expand the space. For MSN Real Estate, adding more space to your bathroom can be as simple as replacing your straight shower curtain rod with a curving rod. Not only will a curved rod open up the space, it will also add a modern look to your bathroom.

    1. Think About Going Green

As the DIY Network writes, more and more homeowners are choosing green alternatives when replacing bathroom items and their flooring and walls. Choosing high-efficiency shower heads, for example, can reduce your water bills and help the environment. Choosing wallpaper made from natural ingredients can reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals, while improving the look of your bathroom. In other words, green is the way to go.

    1. Don’t Skimp on the Porcelain Throne

For This Old House, the biggest expense when remodeling your bathroom should be your toilet; it shouldn’t be too hard to see why. Just consider how many times you head to the bathroom and how many times you hit that little flush handle a day — that’s a ton of wear and tear. Invest in a high end toilet. It will last you a while, and better toilets are known to use less water, which saves you money.

    1. Try Refinishing Used Items

Did you know that, according to DIY Network, you can shave as much as 90% off the cost of bathroom items like cabinets and counters by having old items refurbished? Not only will refurbishing save you that huge chunk of change, it will also keep you from needlessly throwing away what is otherwise perfectly good home apparel.

Remodeling your bathroom can bring a whole new level of comfort and style to your home. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be on your way to an affordable, aesthetically pleasing bathroom remodel. Find more.

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