5 Signs That Your AC Unit Needs Repair or Replacing

There are some signs that it may be time to buy a new air conditioning unit. One of the clearest examples of this is based on my own experience. That experience relates to freon leaking from the air conditioning unit. My family used to have an air conditioning unit, which lasted for several years. However, it ended up with a freon leak, that could be repaired. When an instance such as this happens, it is important to calculate the average cost to have ac installed. Moreover, this is where HVAC financing comes in. When it comes to replacing a unit, people should calculate the costs, of what they can afford. This is not only to save money but this is also needed, to see if an AC can be repair instead of replaced, including signs that indicate this. As such, if one does decide to buy an AC unit, they can find the best prices on HVAC systems. In the end, the signs of needing to replace or repair a unit should determine how one wants to pay for the average cost to install heating and air conditioning.

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With summer just around the corner, you will want to make sure that your air conditioner is in tip top shape. If you have an older unit, you may need to check the filter, or see if you need to invest in AC fan motor replacement. These parts can become clogged and their efficiency can wane if they are not maintained well, making your house hot and unbearable.

It is not always easy to determine if you need air conditioning repair, or complete home AC replacement. The problem could be simply with the thermostat, or the size of your house. A large house requires a three ton unit, particularly for a home over 2,500 square feet. If your house exceeds this square footage, and you have a two ton system, you may need to have stronger unit installed.

Here are some other signs that your AC unit may need to be repaired immediately, or completely replaced.

  1. Weak Air FlowWhen residential AC units are working properly, you should be able to stand on top of a vent and feel the cool rush of air. If you do not feel an adequate amount of air flowing from the vent, the compressor may be failing, or you could need AC air filter replacement because it is clogged with the dust, allergens, and other particles it picks up as it cools the air.
  2. Warm Air The point of an AC unit is to fill your house with cold air. If your rooms are getting hotter in the summertime instead of cool, your air compressor may have completely shut down, and your motor fan may have stopped working as well. This requires replacing the compressor, or AC fan motor replacement.
  3. Unusual Noises It is customary to hear the rumblings of your AC unit as it starts working, and it can initially sound odd, but these noises should level off. If you start to hear loud screeching and squealing noises, the belt on the fan could have slipped off its track. It could also mean that the metal bearings need some lubrication.
  4. Sticky Air Part of an air conditioner’s job is to keep humidity under control. If your house starts to feel humid and sticky, there could be something wrong with the refrigeration unit in your AC system. If left unfixed, the moisture could build up within your home, which could lead to water damage or mold.
  5. Inexplicably High Bills In 2009, the Los Angeles Times reported that with a thermostat temperature set to 72 degrees in the summer, an AC unit that runs for 10 hours will cost the average home $6.72 per day. Subsequently, you can expect to pay roughly $200 for cooling. While these numbers will vary for every household, bills that spiking into the $300 or $400 range could be a sign that it is time to replace your unit. A higher bill likely indicates that your unit utilizes a significant amount of energy to cool, and in this case, AC fan motor replacement or any kind of repair may not be worth it.

For any of these issues, consult an AC technician as soon as possible, and get your unit repaired or replaced. Even if new installation costs you a couple of thousand dollars, keeping you and your family comfortable and cool during the hot summer will be worth the money. Read more here.


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