Modern Kitchen Design Sleek, Beautiful, and Functional

Kitchen designers

Are you looking for a modern kitchen design? Whether you’ve just purchased a new home that needs renovating, or are updating an existing home, you probably want to have a modern kitchen design.

Given the number of hours that people spend in their kitchens, it’s not surprising that they want this space to be beautiful and functional. It’s amazing how being surrounded by new cabinets, counters, and appliances can make a significant difference in a person’s state-of-mind.

While being in an attractive and workable space is its own reward, remodeling can also bring a solid return on a homeowner’s investment. Even a minor kitchen remodel can bring a 82.7% return!

On average, homeowners will spend about a third of their budget on kitchen cabinets. A recent survey showed that 42% were choosing white cabinets rather than natural wood.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, however, the survey showed that 72% of homeowners were choosing stainless steel. Since this material is sleek, modern, and easy to keep clean, it’s not surprising that this is at the top of the list.

Whether you just moved into a new home, or have been there for a number of years, HGTV recommends that you should remodel your home based on what is comfortable for you. This is particularly the case when you’re planning to continue living there for 5 or more years.

When you schedule a consultation with a kitchen designer, they will definitely have additional recommendations for you. Since you want your kitchen to reflect you personality and your lifestyle, your designer will keep this and other important information in mind.

Have you been imagining a European kitchen design with Italian kitchen cabinets? There are a variety of other cabinet styles hat your designer will be able to show you. In addition to cabinetry, you’ll also want to consider backsplashes, lighting, and perhaps a cozy breakfast bar or kitchen island complete with additional cabinets.

Since kitchen designers understand the importance of having a beautiful and functional space, they will discuss your storage and other needs with you in detail. Once your new kitchen is finished, chances are that you will want to spend even more time in there preparing meals and entertaining family and friends.

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