Learn How to Install Roof Shingles By Following These Tips

A roof must be installed correctly because if it is not, the house’s structure could be compromised. The steps involved in a simple roof installation, as seen in the video, how to Install Roof Shingles, include:

Installing a Drip Edge
The drip edge is installed at the eve of every sloped roof. Installing a drip edge helps create a space between the end of the building material of a roof and the surface the material touches.

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Installing Felt
When a standard shingle roof is installed, a layer of felt paper is laid down first. The felt paper distributes the weight of all the shingles and any snow and ice accumulation over a larger surface area.

Installing Starter Strip
The starter strip is an integral piece of roofing material. Its main purpose is waterproofing at joints and seams in shingle roofs.

Installation of Shingles
Shingles installation is an important part of roof re-roofing or installing a new roof. The main reason the shingles are installed is for protection.

Installation of Ridge Ventilation
The ridge of a roof often becomes covered with debris over time, sometimes preventing the effective flow of wind through it. Ridge vents ensure that air is efficiently circulated in the ridge of a roof.

If roof installation is executed incorrectly, there could be problems in the future, such as water leaks or rot.

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