Kitchen Makeover 101 How to Turn Your Kitchen From Glum to Glam

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Taking a kitchen from bland to bravo doesn?t have to cost an arm and a leg. The heart of the home can be reborn with some simple changes that can really transform drab into fab. With almost 80% of all renovation work focusing of the kitchen, it really is one of the most sought after renovations, just pipped at the post by bathroom renovations which account for
81% of all remodeling work. Here are some tips to ensure that you create the ultimate
kitchen renovation makeover.

Illuminating the Subject

The lighting in your kitchen can make all the difference to how your kitchen looks and feels. Brighter lighting with warm tones can make your kitchen feel bigger and help to bring the outdoors indoors. A kitchen renovation makeover can really be brought to life with the right lighting to complement the space. A country kitchen look makes for different lighting choices to a sleek modern feel.

Color My Life

A splash of color changes the entire ambiance of a space, but too much color can over power the rest of your kitchen furniture and can end up looking tacky. A feature wall or color splash that complements the more neutral overall color palette can provide a point of interest and liven up the kitchen space. Think about color as an accent rather than a main feature and use it to enhance the beauty of other elements such as cabinets or feature lighting.

Cabinet, CounterTops Combo

Changing your cabinets and/ or your countertops is often the core focus for a kitchen renovation makeover and can completely change how your kitchen looks. If you have the option to change the layout when you bring in new counters and cabinets, think about how best to use your space so that you have enough of every type of space, from storage to work space and wet areas. Contrasting your cabinets with your counters can also add interest to the area, but be sure that the two do not clash. A professional can help with your kitchen renovation design to ensure you not only get the most out of your space but also that your design accentuates the pluses of your kitchen and reflects the unique style that you are after.

Reclaiming the Costs

Whether you are planning on a small kitchen remodeling or a large one, they can be expensive, but the cost is worth it since you can often recoup it in added value to your home. Even small kitchen makeovers can reap returns of almost 83%. Even though you know you will see the ROI in your home?s ultimate value, you do need to think about budgeting for your kitchen makeover and on average you should count on spending at least 15 to 25% more than you expected, to account for unexpected costs. Contractors for a kitchen remodel can give you a good idea of what to budget for and advise on ways to potentially cut costs. They can also be a good source for kitchen remodeling ideas.

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