Important Tools for Your Spring Cleaning Requirements

Serrated shovel

Spring is a common time for making home repairs and cleanups. The indoors are dusted, thoroughly cleaned, and refreshed. The outdoors, however, often require much more work. A long winter with snow and ice can leave your yard in dire shape. The first few weekends of spring are usually spent evaluating outdoor needs, and then completing those exterior lawn tasks. As you begin to prepare for your outdoor spring cleaning projects, ensure that you have the necessary tools and products handy. It will make the work go faster and easier.

Weed and root maintenance

As the snow first melts, you are left with dead grass and flower beds. After just a couple days of spring, it seems that the weeds begin to grow. In a matter of days, they quickly take over your flower bed and lawns. According to the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA), about 1,992 species of weeds grow in the United States and Canada. If you do not take care of your weeds quickly, they can prevent grass and flowers from growing.

For proper weed and root maintenance, you will also need specific tools and products. Root cutting tools are stronger cutting devices that can cut through a root. The root cutting tools can prevent additional roots and weeds from overtaking your yard. Be sure to purchase root cutting tools that are built for removing the specific type and size of roots and weeds that are currently in your yard.

Remove any unwanted bushes or small trees

Are there any unsightly bushes or trees that you hate in your yard? The spring season is actually the perfect time to remove these items. They are not yet full of leaves and additional branches and it is the easiest time to remove them. You may require root cutting tools or digging tools to get the entire root out. A specific tree root saw might also be helpful in removing larger than average bushes. If your yard is large and overgrown, do not try to clear it all in one day. Instead, break the job into smaller pieces to make it more manageable. Depending on the yard?s size, you could clear 10 by 10 foot or 20 by 20 foot sections.

Leaf cleanups

If you do not complete your fall cleanup, it is also possible that you have hundreds, or even thousands of leaves covering your lawn. Leafs can get in the way of a green grass and can make the indoors very dirty. If you have to pick up leaves from your yard, it is best to wait until you have cut down any large bushes or removed any weeds first. You will have to go through and clean up these items anyways, so the leaves will not make it any more work. A shovel rake can be especially helpful for keeping large amounts of leaves together for removal.

Plant new flowers and grass seeds

The spring is also the best time to plant new flowers or grass seeds. After you use your tree root cutting tools to remove troublesome shrubs and bushes, replace the area with flowers or new patches of grass. Your normal gardening yard tools can handle traditional planting tasks. If your plants and new grass spots do not grow effectively, however, you may need to adjust the soil types.

If the existing soil from the planting hole has high clay content and is not friable (crumbly), it should be amended with up to 25% composed organic matter (leave mold, compost, peat moss) before backfilling the hole. New roots will grow faster in a light, well drained soil mixture. The good thing about those leaves that you failed to remove in the fall is that they make great composed organic matter to increase growing conditions.

Spring is the perfect temperature for completing upkeep and maintenance on outdoor areas. These outdoor areas usually require a lot of attention after being avoided all winter. Before you begin your spring outdoor cleaning tasks, take inventory of your tools and ensure that you have everything needs to complete these tasks.

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