How to Replace a Window

Do you need to install or replace a window? This video goes over the step-by-step instructions to doing it yourself.

In addition to the window, some supplies you will need are an oscillating saw, a drill, a 4-foot level, a utility knife, silicone caulk, a caulking gun, and wood shims. But every house and every window are different so they so might need different supplies or techniques. Remove the old window by scoring around the casing and removing nails and caulks. Test-fit the window before you caulk around the edges.

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Center and secure the window by putting shims between the jams and the framing. Next, confirm the window is square and level. If the diagonals of the window are equal, that means the window is square. Recheck this process multiple times. Then screw the window in place with the pre-drilled holes. Insulate the window with fiberglass insulation. Trim off the extra and apply silicone caulk around edge of window and filling nail holes. Paint it to match the rest of the trim for a perfected look.

If this process seems a little dauting, contact local professionals for your window installation .


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