How to Practice Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care

Every homeowner wants their property to look good, and getting the best lawn care services can make it happen. When you get good lawn care from a reputable company, customers can have stronger lawns and superior grass. An effective lawn care services company offers care for the grass as well as weed whacking services. You can talk to the company’s lawn consultant to find out exactly which services you need.

Getting your lawn taken care of by an experienced service means that people who know how to take care of lawns will be there to help make your lawn look great. They will be able to alert you if there is any problem with your lawn so that you can get it fixed. Dead areas may need to be reseeded, and holes may need to be filled in to make the lawn look better. Find a good company and get a contract for regular lawn care.

Your lawn makes a big difference in the way your home and property look. An unkempt lawn can be a sign that a home is not being well cared for. If you want to sell, it’s even more important to take good care of it.

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As the snow melts and the grass begins to grow back, homeowners are often left with brown and patchy grass. It can be difficult to restore the lawn back to a fresh looking green landscape, especially without the use of harmful products. How can you improve the look of your lawn this spring, without also harming the local air quality and environment? How can you achieve the best looking yard on the block, while still practicing environmentally responsible lawn care?

Regular lawn care
Regular lawn care often results in better looking lawns. Even if it has not rained much and your grass does not appear to need cut, you can still complete other necessary lawn maintenance. You should still trim the bushes, edge the sidewalks, and fertilize the grass. These lawn care services will encourage your grass to grow. The grass that does grow will be healthier and you will be left with a better looking yard.

Research organic lawn care products
Many of the products that are sold are actually very harmful to your lawn and to the environment. Instead, practice environmentally responsible lawn care by researching the specific ingredients in the products that you do choose to use. Purchase only organic lawn care products. Only use the recommended amount and be careful where they are used. If you have small children or pets that frequent your yard, these environmentally responsible lawn care products may be even more important.

Limit use of pesticides
An abundance of pests and rodents can ruin a garden and the grass. However, so can using too many pesticides. Most pesticides are made with extremely strong chemicals. These extremely strong chemicals are then paired with homeowners using too much of the product, resulting in a disastrous effect. Close to 70 million pounds of pesticides (including herbicides) are applied to U.S. lawns each year. This is approximately ten times the amount applied to American farmland, acre for acre. Some amount of pests in the garden and lawn are acceptable, and may actually encourage them to grow at a quicker pace.

Install new grass
Sometimes grass is so badly damaged that it simply cannot be improved. When this occurs, you may actually do worse damage to your soil and household land by using strong products that supposedly encourage growth. If your grass is too badly damaged, start over with new grass. The grass is installed and eventually becomes a permanent part of your lawn. In a well maintained, thick 10,000 square foot (929 square meter) lawn there will be 6 turf plants per square inch (25.4 millimeters), 850 turf plants per square foot (30.45 square meters) for a total of 8.5 million turf plants. Follow these specific numbers for the best results in a new landscape.

Regular watering
Perhaps the best way to improve the condition of your lawn is with regular water. Most lawns die out because of lack of hydration. Using strong growth products can actually dry out the lawn further, causing complete loss of lawns. If you want to use environmentally responsible lawn care techniques, while still having a beautiful looking lawn, ensure that your grass is getting plenty of water. It can be helpful to either install a sprinkler system or to hire a professional landscaping company that can regularly water the landscaping. The grass is likely to grow quicker and be greener. The increase in the grasses growth does not necessarily mean an increase in lawn cuttings either. For best results, leave your grass a little longer, usually between 2 and half inches and 3 and half inches, improving your lawn?s health.

Many Americans will be focusing on the health of their lawns over the next couple of months. With spring here, it is time to design your perfect lawn care strategy. You may be dealing with browned and damaged grass from a long winter. If you are, consider how you will provide environmentally responsible lawn care. Reduce your harmful pesticide use, only use safe organic materials, install new lawn turfs if needed, and regularly water your lawn for the best results.


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