How to Make Your Own Handy House Maintenance Spreadsheet

As a homeowner, you know there’s always a list of things to worry about. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all of the maintenance tasks that must be done. However, with a trustee house maintenance spreadsheet, you’ll easily be able to keep track of everything. Such a spreadsheet could enable you to prioritize the most important repairs and help you save money and time by making sure you don’t allow issues to turn into bigger ones. Here are some tips on how to make your house maintenance spreadsheet.

Creating a Spreadsheet

You don’t have to create a spreadsheet from scratch. Go online and you start with a template on Google Excel or Numbers. You can also use a template from a site such as Start filling in your spreadsheet by listing all the major categories of home maintenance that you need to concern yourself with. For example, you can have a section for water well repair service, roofing, heating, plumbing, and HVAC. A spreadsheet is very flexible, so you can always add additional sections or delete and update others as needed.

Under each category, list the tasks that need to be done. For example, is it time for your annual roof inspection? Do you suspect roofing leaks? Those notes for repair should go under your roofing repair section. Dates are just as important on your spreadsheet because you should know what the last time a service or inspection was done. That will also help you know when to schedule a new regular inspection. You could use color coding on your spreadsheet so that you can your eye will automatically go to something that’s either overdue or has priority.


Summer is over and it’s now time for the colder months to set in. That means it’s time to go from cooling to heating your home. While the fall season is here, it’s the time to ensure you do any necessary heating, repairs, or new installations before winter comes. Remember your heating system keeps your home warm and cozy during these cold winter months, but it can also break down at the wrong time. Can you imagine it being freezing outside in your heating system no longer working? Well, that can happen if you don’t make note of heating repairs on your house maintenance spreadsheet.

Heating repair should include dealing with dirty filters or faulty thermostats. Look out for strange noises, uneven temperatures, higher energy bills than normal, as well as sudden respiratory reactions when your heating system is on. Whatever you do, don’t let signs of heating problems go. List any suspicious activity from your heater on your house maintenance spreadsheet. That way, when your HVAC professional shows up, you can explain to them exactly what the problem is and they can get the ball rolling on those inspections and repairs. You can avoid bigger. Problems by making sure that you keep up with your regular HVAC maintenance.So that technicians can handle smaller problems before they turn into bigger ones.


House maintenance spreadsheet should always note any necessary plumbing repairs. Without proper plumbing, your home wouldn’t be able to receive clean water or get rid of wastewater. Unfortunately, your pipes can develop clogs, and leaks as well and develop corrosion. With winter coming, that’s the right time for pipes to burst when they freeze. A busted pipe can be very costly to repair or replace. A busted pipe that happens inside the home could result in a flood that could cause major water damage to your home.

You may also notice that you have slower drains or low water pressure. Have your toilet begun taking longer to flush? Is it taking forever for water to drain out of the shower after you bathe? List all of these things in your house maintenance spreadsheet, so a plumber will know exactly what to look for and what tools to bring when they come to check things out.

What about your water bill? Has your water bill been steadily rising, but the amount of water you used hasn’t? You can check your water meter to make a comparison and if the amount of water that’s being used doesn’t make sense, note that on your house maintenance spreadsheet. That could be a sign that your plumber should check somewhere for an eternal leak that’s not obvious. After all, leaks can be very small and can happen in any piping, whether it’s one that’s exposed under the sink or one that’s in the walls. If you don’t handle a leaking problem immediately, it could eventually develop into mold, which will not only damage your drywall and foundation but can affect your family’s health.

Water Heater

Can you imagine not being able to take a hot shower? You’re also supposed to wash your hands at a certain temperature so that you can get rid of bacteria and diseases like COVID. Your water heater also ensures that you can wash your clothes and linens at a hot enough temperature to get rid of any pathogens. This would be impossible to do if your water heater was no longer working. So make sure you add water heater repair services to your house maintenance spreadsheet list to ensure that your home can remain sanitary. Plus who wants to take a cold shower in the middle of winter?

When noting water heater Issues on your spreadsheet, note issues such as noise, leaks, and well as low temperatures. Is it taking longer than normal for your water heater to warm up? If so, it could be using a lot of energy, which not only increases your carbon footprint but can increase your energy bills. You should also look out for discolored water since that could be a sign of corrosion. Let your spreadsheet remind you of the last time your heater was viewed by a technician and flushed out.

Water Well Maintenance

Do you have a well on your property? If so, you understand how great it is to manage your own water system. Not relying on a municipality for clean water can be a relief for any homeowner who wants to ensure clean and safe drinking and bathing water for their household. However, owning such a well comes with a great deal of responsibility. That’s why you should use your house maintenance spreadsheet to always make sure you have timely water well repair service.

Your water well can be affected by groundwater contamination, a failed pump, or a low water level. When the well water is contaminated, it can taste or smell bad and even be cloudy. When your water well isn’t pumping properly, you may not receive water into your home at all. Water is vital to life, so if you experience any issues with your water well, don’t hesitate to call a service professional immediately. As stated, make note of every issue you see under the water well section of your spreadsheet. Doing so could quickly alert a professional that your water is contaminated. Plus, as a water well owner, your water should regularly be tested. Your well should automatically be inspected for vulnerabilities like cracks or issues with the cover.


Your roof is responsible for protecting your home from the elements and is a major part of your overall structure. Roofing professionals recommend homeowners get an annual inspection of their roofs. So always list the dates of past and upcoming inspections on your house maintenance spreadsheet. With hurricane season in the mist and the likelihood of snow storms starting later in winter, note if your home just recently went through a major storm. Professionals also recommend getting an additional inspection after such inclement weather. After all, your roof may have suffered a problem after such a major storm, even if it’s not visible to you.

By ensuring you get timely roof repairs after such a storm, or because you suspect a small leak, it can prevent a major issue from occurring later. You should also consider the age of your roof, since according to Bob Vila, the typical roof lasts about 20 years. Therefore, your maintenance list can note the edge of your existing roof and if you should start planning for a replacement.

Under your roof repair section, note things such as clogged gutters, broken shingles, mold, and water stains inside the home. When you look outside, did your roof appear to sag in the middle? If so, make that a priority on your maintenance spreadsheet, as that could be a sign that your roof structure has been compromised and can cave in at any time.

Appliance Updates

When your appliances become worn down, you don’t automatically have to get rid of them. So your home maintenance spreadsheet should include a section for appliance repair. Your appliances make your life easier and more convenient. After all, isn’t it nice not to have to wash things by hand or wait days for them to dry on a line outside? If you don’t feel like washing dishes, you have it automatic dishwasher. And who could live without their refrigerator?

Some appliance repair things you would have to note on your spreadsheet could include. Poor performance, leaks, loud noises, or improper heating and cooling. Note if you’re applying to taking way too long to turn on, or if it’s randomly turning on and off on its own. Double-check your energy bills. Extremely high energy bills could be a signal your appliances are no longer energy-efficient and need certain updates or future replacements.

Cooling System

Just like with heating, your cooling repairs are important to keeping your home comfortable. Unfortunately, it can also break down at the wrong time and result in a stuffy hot home in the middle of summer. According to the CDC, over 11,000 Americans have died from heatstroke since 1979. Just because you may not be using your AC at the moment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep up with timely inspections and repairs. After all, keeping your entire HVAC unit up to date can ensure it’ll always be ready to heat or cool your home when you need it.

Emergency AC Service

As mentioned, your AC can go out at any time. Maybe you don’t live in a seasonal area that experiencing fall and winter. So you may need 24 hour AC repair year-round. If you’re AC wouldn’t blow at the last minute, the last thing you’d want is a deal with a hot, humid home. After all, there could be a detriment to your comfort, your health, as well as protecting your property from old.

Your AC not only provides cool, fresh air, but it also is responsible for circulating such air throughout your home and keeping the air filtered. So note on your home maintenance list if the air appears to be blowing warm air instead of cold air. Is it making a lot of strange noises? Is or leaking coolant? When you turn your AC unit on, do you begin to cough sneeze, or wheeze? If so, it could be a sign of a very dirty filter. And as mentioned, if your AC just suddenly stops working in the middle of a hot season, you need access to 24 hour AC repair that can handle that quickly.

Pool Service

Do you have a swimming pool on your property? If so, you understand all the joy, fun, and relaxation having your own pool can bring. Don’t get so caught up with the fun of having a pool that you forget to invest in local pool repair. This section on your house maintenance spreadsheet can ensure that a pool technician always comes to check your water pH level. They can also check the pool for cracks and pumping issues. Signs of pool trouble you should include on your maintenance list can include cloudy water, low water chipped tiles, and screen replacement.

From roofing repairs to HVAC care, there are tons of maintenance issues you should keep up with in your home. Keeping a spreadsheet to manage them can help make the process much easier. Plus, you’ll be less likely to miss inspections or let smaller problems turn into bigger ones. Now that you understand how to create a house maintenance spreadsheet, get started doing so today.

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