How To Make Your Backyard Into The Ideal Entertaining Space

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From pool installation and pool renovations to the installation of a back deck, renovations are becoming more and more common on the outdoor living spaces of homeowners. For instance, nearly 15% of all homeowners in the United States are opting to add an outdoor kitchen to their backyards, and many homeowners are also choosing to add barbecues and grills as part of that. The overall goal, for over half of homeowners conducting backyard renovations, is to make their outdoor space more welcoming, friendly, and inviting for both the occupants of the home as well as their guests.

Pool installation and pool renovations are among one of the most popular backyard additions that homeowners make, as swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the United States. In fact, the average American person swims at least six times every year, if not more frequently. Pool renovations are particularly popular among those with children, as swimming is the number one recreational activity for children between the ages of seven and seventeen, particularly during the hot summer months. Swimming also has a number of health benefits and can promote weight loss. It’s a fantastic cardiovascular exercise as well, as the water increases the resistance that you move against, but it is still remarkably easy on your joints. Pools, more often than not, contain chlorine, which helps to sanitize the water, making it safe for all to enjoy, though the pool should still be regularly serviced and cleaned. A diving board is a great way to increase the purposes and enjoyment of your pool, though it is important to make sure that your pool is deep enough before installing one and joining the nearly 40% of all privately owned pools that have at least one. If you have small children, fencing around the pool is an important and effective way to keep them safe around the water, even if you are not supervising. This fencing should be at least five feet high, if not higher, and should totally surround the pool with no gaps.

No matter what renovations you choose to make in your backyard, be it pool renovations or the installation of backyard kitchen, there are many ways to make your outdoor space the ideal area for entertaining, as more than 80% of homeowners strive to make it.

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