Do I Need to Worry About Small Leaks In My Plumbing System?

Protecting your pipes in winter

Does your home have annoying leaky faucets? Nearly 10% of homes that have at least one leak have been found to waste up to 90 gallons of water every day. That is a surprising amount to most homeowners. Because these wasted gallons will still show up the the water bill, it is in the homeowner’s financial interest to fix leaks when they first notice them.

How Do Leaks Occur In the Average Home?

Leaky faucets is not the only source of water wastage in a home. A water heater might be running inefficiently. A toilet might need some repairs. There are multiple ways leaks might occur. Here are a few of the most common, and what steps to take to fix them.

Water Heaters: When to Look Into New Water Heater Installation.

The average water heater will last between 10 and 15 years if it is properly maintained. A water heater that is not receiving regular maintenance checks might need to be replaced sooner. Keep in mind that these tips are for the average water heater. Some areas might require additional steps if the water quality is particularly hard.

The maintenance guidelines for water heaters is to check them once every four months, and to flush the system every eight months. As you can see, this means that the maintenance schedule will shift from year to year. It can be helpful to hire a company to keep track of the details for you. As approximately 18% of a home’s energy usage comes from heating water, this is an aspect of repair it pays to get correct.

The Running Toilet: Do I Need to Call a Plumber?

It is never a necessity to learn how to take care of every single aspect of your home on your own. While the do-it-yourself craze is still going strong, professionals have a career for a reason. Do not be afraid to contact a plumbing service if you are unfamiliar with how to fix a broken toilet.

If you are handy with some simple plumbing problems, you might be confident completing some basic toilet repairs. These include replacing the inner gasket, and making adjustments. This is not the time to attempt a full toilet installation, as problems during installation can result in inefficient plumbing.

Are Leaky Faucets More Than Just an Annoyance?

It has been found that leaky faucets that drip just twice over one hour can waste about one gallon of water over the course of a week. That’s nearly 48 gallons of wasted water each year. Fixing simple leaks such as these from running toilets, leaky faucets, and inefficient water heaters can save some homeowner’s 10% on their monthly water bill.

How do leaks start? There are a few culprits. In the case of pipes, the connection might be loose, allowing a drop or two to fall through. Other times, a rubber gasket might weaken and crack, failing in its job to seal up a pipe.

A simple method for making sure your house has a top-notch plumbing system is to have it checked by a professional. All too often, homeowner’s put off simple plumbing jobs. They mistaken think that it is unnecessary to have such a little problem fixed. But when it comes to water, even a drop can add up over time. The result is wasted water, which always shows up on one’s water bill. Take the time today to get those little jobs taken care of. You’ll rest easy knowing your home is running efficiently.

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