How to DIY a Scratch in Your Hardwood Floor

Fixing a scratch on your hardwood floor should not be a challenge. There are different ways you can use to deal with that issue in the best way possible and with little ease. In fact, you do not have to bring in a professional to assist you with this problem.

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So, what are some of the approaches you can use when it comes to dealing with scratches on your hardwood floor? For smaller scratches, you will definitely need to use a stain pen or a can of stain with a color as close to the existing floor as possible. Use the stain pen to add a small amount of stain to the scratch so that it blends well with the surrounding floor. Such an intervention will deal with the scratch at hand very easily.

For a slightly deeper or larger scratch, you will need to apply a melted wax that closely matches the color of the scratch. Fortunately, there are different wax kits that you can use to eradicate the scratch. Make sure you find one that blends perfectly with the surrounding hardwood floor. For a large scratch, you will have to use stainable wood filler. Stain pen, painter’s tape, wipe-on poly, sanding paper, and putty knife. These are the tools and materials that you will use to get rid of the large scratch.


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