How to Choose an Outdoor Refrigerator

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Outdoor kitchens offer great opportunities for cookouts and parties. But what if you didn’t need a separate cooler, too? Here are a few options when looking for the perfect outdoor refrigerator for your outdoor space.

The first thing to check is if the fridge is good for indoor and outdoor use. There’s a fair amount of temperature fluctuation to deal with outside, so you want a fridge that can hold up under the harder conditions.

You can get outdoor compact refrigeration and freezers that are small and fit well into compact outdoor kitchen spaces. Make sure you have proper drainage installed for both.

Outdoor beverage coolers are also great options, but they aren’t food safe. If you only plan on storing some beers or bottles of wine outside, then these are a good choice for you. There are also outdoor wine coolers made specifically for wine.

Another good option for beer drinkers is an outdoor kegerator that allows you to have your favorite beer on tap. Some even come with additional storage space so that you can throw in a few other things, too.

Outdoor ice makers are super handy for outdoor parties. They aren’t freezers, to be sure, they just replenish ice. So again, make sure you have proper drainage. You want to have somewhere for the old ice to go.

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