Clean Weed Control Tips

Weeds are a nuisance to every gardener because they compete with healthy flowers and vegetables for water, sunlight and nutrients. There are different weed control measures but not all safe for use. Considering how harmful weeding chemicals are to your garden, it’s best to look for safer and affordable pest control methods to end garden insurgence.

Weed Control Tips: How to Manage and Slow Weed Growth on Your Garden without Using Chemical

1.Weed Prevention The first step to stop weed from taking over your garden is to minimize how many seeds will grow from all the seeds that are already sitting on the soil. Some weed seeds may lie dormant for up to 5 to 10 years before germinating. Pull out small weeds on your property before they complete their germination process.

2.Blocking Sunlight Inhibiting Germination of Weed Seeds Mulching is another effective weed control method that works by depriving weeds light and oxygen. Use organic mulches like wood chips, pine needles and wood chips to smother out weeds from your garden.

3.Keep Water on Target to deprive weeds. So, ensure you deliver water only on the plants and vegetables you are trying to grow and not on those weed. Use hoses and adjust your irrigation system for that.

4.Minimize Soil Disturbance when removing weeds manually to avoid bringing up dormant seeds up the soil.

Take advantage of professional weed control services for your lawn care.

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