How Does CTI Testing Work?

Floors often form part of the foundation of any given building. That said, not all floors are built equally. It’s important that customers select talented tradespeople to install their floors. Luckily, these days it’s relatively easy to find a Certified Tile Installer (CTI). These individuals are typically highly qualified.

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While tests in traditional schools and colleges often involve papers and books, CTI testing is more focused on hands-on skills. That said, those seeking certification will have to take a paper test as well. Still, most of what they are graded on is actually working with tiles and installing them.

The fact is, there are tons of contractors out there, and it can be hard to separate the skilled, reliable contractors from folks who cut corners and perhaps don’t really know what they’re doing. With CTI testing, it’s possible to mitigate risks and ensure a high level of quality.

Sometimes certified tile installers are a bit more expensive than non-certified installers. However, in the long run, using untrained, uncertified installers could cost you more. If the floor is installed improperly, you might have to tear it out and start over. Keep that in mind when looking at flooring options.


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