House Cleaning Schedules Can Help You More Efficiently Maintain Your Home

Cleaning has been an entirely different challenge this month.

When you offered to let your niece, her husband, and tow young boys move in for the month, you did not realize just how much chaos the 18 month old and four and half your old would be. The dishwasher is almost always full and needs to be started, the wood floor in the kitchen is littered with crumbs that need to be swept up on a two to three times basis, and there is now a line to get loads into the washing machine. And while your niece is pretty prompt about getting her family’s clothes washed, this is not the case when it comes to getting the clothes out of drier.

For the last several year you have hired a cleaning lady who comes and stays for about four hours at your house once every two weeks. Finding a way to get your house picked up enough for the cleaning lady to be effective, however, has been a real challenge. Your master bedroom and bathroom are still your private space, but the rest of the house is pretty much a free for all. Your daughter who just graduated college and returned home for the summer has been kind enough to give up her bedroom to the two small boys. She is living in the basement and coning upstairs to use one of the bathrooms. Your niece and her husband have the guest room with its own bath and your younger daughter still has her room and shares a bathroom with her older sister.

Carpet Cleaning Companies Offer a Number of Different Service Options
Fortunately, the visitors are only staying for a little more than three weeks. By the end of the month they will be able to close on their home and move to their new location just a mile and a half away. When they leave you have a contractor coming in to refinish the wood floor that covers most of the first level. This will happen while you are away for a what you anticipate will be a much needed family vacation. Upon your return, you are going to make a decision about working with a local carpet cleaning services company and decide if you want to have them come in. After 20 years with the same carpet, however, you may just get new carpet for the whole house.

Either way, you are hoping by that point that you will be able to get back to a normal schedule. The latest research indicates that the U.S. carpet cleaning industry generates $5 billion in revenue on average every year. If you have ever lived in a crowded home, however, this number should not come a surprise. Professionals recommend having your carpet steam-cleaned every six months if you have a pet, but sometimes even children in the house can require extra carpet cleaning.
From upholstery cleaning to just normal weekly cleaning, the work that needs to be done in your home is completely dependent on the number of people who live in your home. Finding a regular schedule for some of the most important tasks like vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms can help you more efficiently maintain a home, no matter how many guests you have.

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